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HR Forum — April 14, 2010

Also available as a downloadable PDF file: Presentation [PDF: 2.34 MB, 39 pages]

Performance Appraisal Guidelines—Lisa Milne, Assistant Director, Employee & Management Services

Performance Appraisal Rating Scale

HRMS Entry

New Sick Leave Pool Forms—Lisa Milne, Assistant Director, Employee & Management Services

New Sick Leave Pool Forms

Benefits Updates—Vilma L. Santos, Interim HR Manager, Human Resource Service Center

Summer Insurance

HealthPoint: Employee Assistance Program—Connie Deutsch, Director


Feedback Needed!

Send comments to EAP

Recruiting Resources—Jessica Chamberlain, Acting HR Manager, Staffing & Career Management Services

Recruitment Advertising

Future Resources

HRSC Records—Robin Jarman, HR Manager, Human Resource Service Center

HRSC Records Team

Find-an-HR Rep

I-9 Expiration Warning Notices

Has this new employee completed everything for HR?

WCI Reporting Guidelines—Adrienne Howarth-Moore, Director, Occupational Health Program

Reporting Workplace Injuries—Reporting Process

Lost-Time Claims

Employer has additional reporting criteria for LT claims.

1. The HR contact should partner with supervisors to track LT claims using the Supplemental Report of Injury (SR6):

SR6 Reason Reporting Timeline
Lost Time 3 days*
Return to work from LT 3 days*
Change in earnings 3 days*
Separation from employment 10 days*

2. Employer's Wage Statement (SWG)

  • Used to establish amount of Temporary Income Benefits (TIBs)
  • Based on 13 weeks of salary history
  • Timeline: 7-days* from date requested by UT System or TDI/DWC

3. Request for Paid Leave (S23)

*All days referenced are calendar days

Reporting Workplace Injuries

As a reminder:
Failure to file any of the required forms within the allotted time limit is an administrative violation under the Texas Workers' Compensation Act.  Fines for administrative violations may be assessed for as little as $500, or as much as $25,000.  Each day the form is late is considered a new violation.

Service Award Certificates—Kelly Lomasney, Interim Assistant Director, Human Resource Service Center

Service Award Certificates

National Student Employment Week—Amy Greenspan, Student Employment Coordinator, Employee & Management Services

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