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Automated Accruals

The following information should help you understand how automated accruals work.

Understanding Automated Accruals

The automated accruals program runs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights to evaluate which employees should accrue vacation (VA), sick leave (SL), or floating holiday (FH) hours for the month. As the program runs, it factors in whether an employee has an approved appointment that is earnings eligible, and whether an employee has already accrued hours for that month. If the employee should accrue hours, they are added, otherwise not.

Accruing Hours in Previous Months

If the accruals program discovers that an employee should have accrued hours in a previous month, the program will retroactively assign hours for up to three months in the past. This is a common occurrence when appointments are approved very late.

If adjustments are needed to an employee's accrued hours from more than three months in the past, you'll need to call HRS-Appointments for assistance at 512-475-8383.