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Adjusting Timesheets

Refer to the following resources when adjusting timesheets for closed months, and troubleshooting problems with compensatory time accruals and timesheets in your inbox.

Adjusting Closed Months

The ETM system automatically keeps three months open to adjustments via ETA at any time—this includes the current month and the prior two months. If you need to make an adjustment in a month that has already been closed, simply take the following steps:

Adjusting Timesheets in your Inbox

It's usually easy to adjust timesheets in your inbox, but sometimes you'll encounter problems that require a little trouble shooting. If you can't update a timesheet that's still in your inbox, this problem may be caused by a recent switch in the employee's department or logon ID. The timesheet system relies on mainframe logon IDs for routing. If the timesheet in question was created under one logon (but has not been approved yet) and the employee has a new primary logon ID, the timesheet system can't figure out what to do.

Take the following steps to determine if there's an issue with the employee’s logon ID:

Adjusting Compensatory Time Accruals

If you notice discrepancies between compensatory time accruals and the number of hours an employee has worked during a week, this probably indicates a problem with the employee's appointment or an error with the ET1 screen. This is because the timesheet system will automatically credit an employee with comp time if the employee does not have an active appointment or if there is an error on the ET1 screen in *DEFINE.

Take the following troubleshooting steps to figure out if there's a problem with the appointment or the ET1 screen: