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ETM Screens and Unit Code Authorizations

The following information should help you view ETM screens and understand unit codes. Note: you can display your unit code at any time in *DEFINE's unit field—just use the YI5, YI6, or YI7 commands.

Viewing ETM Screens

*DEFINE security is based on electronic desk/view combinations—the desk determines which commands you can access, and the view determines which aspect of those commands you can actually use. If you get a *DEFINE error message whenever you try to access ETM, saying something along the lines of, "You are not authorized for command in your current view," the *DEFINE desk you're using isn't authorized for the ETM commands.

To view your *DEFINE authorizations, follow these steps:

Unit Codes

You're able to update your—and only your—department's employee time information in the ETM commands. In order to access your department's information, the view you'e using must contain the first four digits of your department's unit code. For example, if your department's unit code was 5060000, your view would need to have "5060..." in its name.

If you get a *DEFINE message that tells you, "Your current Office/View is not authorized for this Unit Code," whenever you try to access your unit in ETM, your current view is not authorized for your unit code. To figure out whether or not you have any authorized views, follow these steps: