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Identify Workplace Threats

You should oversee campus safety and initiate appropriate interventions if you notice unsafe situations. If no one is in immediate danger but someone reports violent statements, threats or feelings of uneasiness about a workplace situation, call the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for a phone consultation or scheduled appointment. In the event of direct threats or actual violence, call 911 immediately.

You may use the following resources to learn how to assess and respond to threats in the workplace, and refer to the university's Prohibition of Campus Violence Policy for more information about your role in keeping the campus safe.

The Range of Aggressive and Threatening Behaviors

As you assess the safety of personal interactions in the workplace, keep an eye out for the following behavior patterns:

Behavioral Red Flags for Potential Violence

The following behaviors are red flags of a potential for violence:

Initiating a Threat Assessment

A threat assessment can be initiated by anyone who has a concern about aggressive, threatening, intimidating, bullying, or other inappropriate and possibly unsafe behavior on campus. You may begin the threat assessment process by consulting with an EAP counselor who can then assist with initial threat assessment, work with you or your department head in any subsequent investigations, and coordinate any necessary efforts with the university's legal department or police department. To initiate the threat assessment process, contact the EAP at 512-471-3366. In the event of an immediate, life-threatening crisis, call 911. For non-crisis urgent matters after-hours, call 512-471-3399.