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Performance Management Plus

Performance Management refers to the systematic approach of managing employee job performance.  Performance Management Plus (PMP) is a system that emphasizes communication, employee commitment and accountability to achieve success.  PMP begins with a foundation of clearly communicated and mutually understood job expectations.  Managers provide positive, reinforcing feedback as well as corrective feedback when performance falls short of expectations.  Performance communication is based on a shared commitment to excellent performance.  Managers demonstrate their commitment to develop, support, and recognize employees to ensure success.  Employees commit to meet or exceed expectations and correct issues when they arise.  This mutual commitment forms the basis for employment accountability.

An integral component of PMP is a positive system of corrective action.  This system of corrective action is based on the work of Human Resources Consultant and Author, Dick Grote, called Discipline Without Punishment.  Grote’s approach reflects the traditional system of progressive discipline but emphasizes personal accountability rather than punishment as a means to motivate.  Rather than simply relying on punitive consequences to poor performance, dialogue and problem solving are emphasized.    And, as part of PMP, commitment and accountability are key to the process.  The hallmark of Grote’s approach is the final step of progressive action, the Decision Making Day.  Employees are given a day off with pay to reflect on their circumstances and make a decision: either, 1) return to work fully committed to success, acknowledging further sub-par performance will result in dismissal or, 2) resign and seek more satisfying employment elsewhere.

Human Resources promotes the core principles of PMP in management training and in its consultative services.  Many departments have formally adopted PMP as their performance management system and incorporate it into departmental practices and discipline policies.  These departments are benefiting from improved organizational effectiveness and employee morale.  And, when formal corrective action is necessary, PMP provides for a fairer and more defensible approach

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Model for Positive Coaching

Before the Meeting


During the Meeting


After the Meeting

Coaching and Corrective Action


Positive Contacts - Recognize Good Performance

Coaching Sessions - Confront Poor Performance


Level 1 Reminder

Level 2 Reminder

Decision Making Day & Level 3 Reminder

Intent to Terminate and Termination

Human Resources provides PMP departments access to sample letters and templates via a SharePoint website to help supervisors document performance issues.