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Outside Employment

Has a full-time employee ever come to you and asked if it’s okay to get a second job on top of working at the university? Well, your answer to this question will depend on whether or not the second job conflicts with your employee’s work at the university. Use the following information to figure out if outside employment is appropriate in your employee’s situation.

Outside Employment Defined

Outside employment is any activity for pay performed in addition to the official responsibilities of a full-time employee. Some examples of outside employment activities include consulting, advising, testing or assaying, performing analyses or examinations, practicing one's profession, or similar work. Some volunteer activities may also be considered outside employment.

When Outside Employment is Allowed

Your employees may accept outside employment as long as their outside employment and volunteer activities won’t create a conflict of interest or the appearance of one. These activities must also not interfere with your employees’ full and proper performance of their university employment duties. Before an employee is allowed to accept outside employment, they must complete an outside employment form [PDF] and gain proper approval. For faculty and research staff, they must complete the Faculty and Research Staff Form [PDF] and gain proper approval before the outside employment begins.

How to Approve Outside Employment

If your employee wants to seek outside employment, tell him or her to complete and sign an outside employment form [PDF], being sure to describe the general nature of the work to be performed on the form. You should then review the form and determine whether or not the outside employment situation meets your approval—if you have concerns about whether or not to sign the form, you can contact the Human Resource Service Center for help at 512-471-4772 or 1-800-687-4178. After you sign the form, you should send it on for approval by your employee's unit head, dean, director or vice president.

For faculty and research staff, they should complete the Faculty and Research Staff Form [PDF] and obtain the necessary approvals to begin their outside employment activity.