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UTemps Personnel Requisition Form

Important: This form is for use by University of Texas at Austin departments only. If you are interested in temporary employment through UTemps, please see How to Apply.

To request temporary help for your department...

Please complete as much of the information below as possible (the entire "Departmental Information" section is required to successfully submit the form). After your form has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and will be contacted by a UTemps coordinator regarding any additional information that is needed from you.

Note: Please use the Tab key to move from field to field and not the Enter key. The Enter key is equivalent to using the Submit button below and will automatically submit the form when entered.

Departmental Information (required)

(account number must accept object code 1366)

Reporting Information

To whom and where the UTemp will report:

Position Information


Fields marked with * can be left blank and the UTemps Coordinator will contact you for assistance.

[see UT Pay Plan]

Working Hours

Work Hours:

Temp to Perm

Is this a Temp to Perm request? [see Temp to Perm Info]


Will the UTemp need an ID?

Departments are responsible for requesting and retrieving IDs. ID MUST be retrieved at the end of the assignment and send to the UTemps office/ID Center.

Will the UTemp drive a UT Vehicle?

Is the UTemp filling a vacant position for which you are currently recruiting?

Purpose and Functions


Working Conditions

Attire (select one):

Office Conditions (check all that apply):