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Student Employee Excellence Development (SEED)
Program Honorees

Advanced Student Employee Excellence Certification

The following students, employed by the college, school, or unit listed, have earned the Advanced Student Employee Excellence Certification:

Name Department
Elizabeth Keneski Department of Human Development and Family Services

Melissa Lacy Information Technology Services
Taylor Lindgren Sanger Learning Center
Christopher Medina Intercollegiate Athletics
Joyce Olushola Intercollegiate Athletics
Maria Rassokhina Department of Slavic Languages & Literature
Cassandra Stover University Unions
Stormie Wilfong Intercollegiate Athletics

Student Employee Excellence Certification – Level 1

The following students, employed by the college, school, or unit listed, have earned the Level 1 Student Employee Excellence Certification:

Name Department
Mark Babin Sanger Learning Center
Lisa Barsamian University Development Office
Jessica Bateman Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Yanzhen Chen Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management
Nicholas DeChant Information Technology Services
Peter Derrick Information Technology Services
Shravan Gowrishankar Department of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
William Colton Green Department of Physics
Baiyuan Gao Bureau of Economic Geology
Anjun Gu Department of Mathematics
Charlotta Hill College of Fine Arts
Alex Latham Information Technology Services
Kristen Layton School of Nursing, School of Biological Sciences
Donna Le Institute for Cellular & Molecular Biology
Dan Li Department of Advertising
Leah Long Office of Student Financial Services; Office of the Dean of Students
Katherine Madler Center for Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering
Stephanie Marcu University Interscholastic League
Dillon Mathers McCombs School of Business
Kristen Matthews University of Texas Libraries
Hoan Nguyen College of Pharmacy
Taylor Polvadore Office of Institutional Equity
Neveen Shafeek Amin Division of Statistics & Scientific Computation
Bismark Singh Division of Statistics & Scientific Computation
Megan Trumeter Division of Housing & Food Service
Maria Valdez Information Technology Services
Sara Wilson School of Biological Sciences
Summer Woolsey Office of Student Financial Services
Johnnie Wu School of Biological Sciences
Yan Zhang Department of Mechanical Engineering


Here’s what some of our SEED honorees have to say about the program!

“ . . . (SEED) does a great job covering most of the areas that will help students be prepared for crucial work and non-work situations . . ..”

“The SEED program . . . has positively affected . . . my life as a student, a worker, and a person.”

“I found the range of topics impressive. . . . The trainings were . . . useful and thought-provoking . . ..”

“The instructor was amazing.  . . . I am eager to practice all the skills I have learned from each workshop.”

“What I noticed was the friendly atmosphere of the workshops.”

“I really enjoyed the flexibility of this program and the fact that we could create our own schedule, choosing the seminars that would be most fitting for our needs.”

“In addition to having a certification to add to my resume, I took away important knowledge and skills that directly relate to working as an employee of any sort."