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Student Employee Excellence Development (SEED) Program

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Professional Growth for Student Employees

Program Overview

If you are employed by the university in a student academic or non-academic job, the Student Employee Excellence Development (SEED) Program is for you! The program is designed to provide you with opportunities to enhance your skill set, knowledge base, and leadership potential so you can excel in the student workforce and in your future career.

Benefits of Participating

The SEED Program gives you the chance to attend free, one-hour workshops on a variety of topics related to employment and work/life balance. In addition to the valuable knowledge and transferable skills you’ll gain, here are some of the benefits of participating:

See what students who have earned a Student Employee Excellence Certification have to say about the benefits of the program!

Certification Requirements

To be eligible for a Student Employee Excellence Certification, you must have at least 240 hours of employment in a student title at the university (e.g., 12 weeks at 20 hours per week or 24 weeks at 10 hours per week).

To earn a Level 1 Certification, you also must:

To earn an Advanced Certification, you must complete the requirements for Level 1 and, in addition:

You may complete the SEED certification requirements over the course of one or more semesters. The only time limit is completion before the end of the semester in which you graduate.

picture of student employees in a workshop working in teams doing an exercise with legos
Student employees in a Moving Through Conflict workshop

How Do I Participate? 

Participation in the SEED Program is free! All you have to do to participate in the program is register for the SEED workshops. If you plan to attend a workshop during your regularly scheduled work shift, you will need permission from your supervisor. Please check with your supervisor to see if your attendance will count as work time.

To earn credit for attending a SEED workshop, you must register through TX Class. You can view course listings under the “Professional Development – Student Employment” category, or link through the SEED Workshop Schedule, which includes a description of each course and its objectives. Enrollment is limited, so please register early.

You can start attending SEED workshops before you’ve completed the 240-hour employment requirement for certification.

SEED Partners

The SEED workshops are being presented by experts and training specialists from across campus. Partners include:


Here’s what some of our SEED Honorees have to say about the program!

“The SEED program has helped me in multiple ways to truly become a better student employee, as well as a more well-rounded and socially aware individual.”

“I found the range of topics impressive. . . . The trainings were . . . useful and thought-provoking . . ..”

“The instructor was amazing.  . . . I am eager to practice all the skills I have learned from each workshop.”

“The workshops have opened my eyes to the fact that there is a lot more to my job than I ever thought there was.”

“I really enjoyed the flexibility of this program and the fact that we could create our own schedule, choosing the seminars that would be most fitting for our needs.”

“In addition to having a certification to add to my resume, I took away important knowledge and skills that directly relate to working as an employee of any sort."

“I learned something important in every course.”

“The SEED program . . . has positively affected . . . my life as a student, a worker, and a person.”

Support for the SEED Program

The Student Employee Excellence Development Program at UT Austin is supported by donations to the University Operations Student Employee Recognition Program fund. Donations will help ensure the continuation of efforts to recognize and offer development opportunities to student employees.
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