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In a couple of weeks I head back home. Fortunately, I was able to get a job, and I’ll also be taking a course. Although I cannot wait to see my family, my old friends and eat authentic, homemade Mexican food, that’s not to say I’m tired of my present situation. On the contrary, I never imagined I would enjoy college as much as I have.

I didn’t go to all of the football games, but I did get to go to most of the home ones. The student section is always the greatest because you’re sure to have everyone around you yelling and screaming every time touchdowns or good plays are made. Basketball games, on the other hand, are a lot more fast-paced. I tended to enjoy these more because there’s constant shouting and excitement. The only games I really wish I could’ve gone to were the baseball games and volleyball games. Now that I’m more situated and familiar with the whole student life, I’ll be able to attend more games next year. Longhorn games are the greatest! Without them, enjoying life at UT would be difficult.

One of my goals as a freshman was to join an organization where I’d have a sincere and fundamental role. While I did not accomplish this my first semester here, I did achieve it this second semester. My friends at the Liberal Arts Honors Student Council were very good about making me feel productive and welcomed. I enjoyed helping out in whatever way I could for fundraisers, programs or other general improvements. Also, in order to feel more connected to my culture, my family and my customs, I joined Organización Latinoamerican (OLA). I developed friendships with so many different people through volunteer work and simple get-togethers and I had a great time at the occasional parties. These organizations not only provided me with a sense of belonging and community, but they included people I could escape to when I needed a break from my academic worries.

Adjusting to university life is not difficult once you become well-acquainted with your environment. Within a couple of months into school I realized that there was so much to do both in and out of the university that the true challenge lay in being able to balance leisure activities with my academic schedule. My first-year experience at UT was what I expected: high levels of stress here and there, crazy nights with my girlfriends, doing some volunteer work and so forth. However, the fun times certainly outweighed the traumatizing ones. For this reason I cannot wait to see what next year will bring. I am looking forward to so many new things. As a first-year student I can only say that for me, life at UT was all that and a bag of chips, because I had it turn out that way. And this is really the only advice I can offer incoming freshmen. Life at UT will only be what you make of it.

One final note...

I would like to extend my gratitude to the frequent readers and all of the individuals who sent me e-mail messages. Your support and encouragement are deeply appreciated and they have all been a source of hope and ambition. Once again, thank you!

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