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20 January 2003

Wake at 8 a.m., eat breakfast, go to classes, eat lunch, study. It has started again. After one week of classes, I'm back in the scheme of things. This semester I'm taking one engineering course, one math course, one physics course (and lab), one elective and tennis to make a total of 15 hours. It's a little less crazy than last semester, but my extracurricular activity schedule is much more involved.

But before I describe my life back on campus, let me finish describing my holiday vacation. Since my last journal, I went to Kansas City for a Christian Young Adult Conference. Among the many awesome things that happened, the main focus was on living a radical lifestyle pursuing a greater intimacy with Christ. Amazing stuff.

After ringing in the new year in Kansas City and coming back home, I got to do some fun stuff like play cello in a wedding. I also went fishing in Galveston with my cousin, Morgan, my dad, and my sister, Esther. Another day I got to play a nice 18 holes of golf with my dad. Overall, the rest of my holiday in Houston was very relaxing.

Now that I'm back in Austin, I've been keeping myself busy. This semester I am pretty involved in a few activities, but at the moment, I'll only dive into one. The group is called Hook Up, an organization whose purpose is to connect incoming freshmen with other Christians, churches and other Christian organizations. We are having a Christian fish camp Aug. 8-10. At the camp, my role as a co-chair will be to act as a leader of big group sessions and be an overseer of the counselors.

My heart is really into Hook Up because of the prospect of getting to mentor the next incoming freshman class. I've seen so many freshmen, especially at the beginning of this year, desperately searching for somewhere to be accepted, and I've seen many fall into things that were not in line with their personalities. Through Hook Up and just living my everyday life, I only hope and pray that I can be a positive role model and leader for incoming freshmen, other Christians and for this generation.

Acting as leadership in different organizations, keeping up my grades, as well as continuing to build my relationships with friends will make this an exciting yet busy semester.

If you're interested in Hook Up or have any questions/comments, please send me an e-mail message.

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