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14 April 2003

The end of school is near and summer is just around the corner. There are only three more weeks of classes left, and then it’s finals week. In some ways, it is hard to believe that my freshman year is almost over, and yet at the same time I feel like I have been here forever.

I can remember the first day of classes when I had to stop and take out my campus map because I was lost. I can recall my first round of college tests. I can remember in detail the first new friendships I made here at the university, and the list goes on and on about everything that has happened this year. It seems like I have traveled so far in so little time, and yet time is now going by so slowly. It feels like the days are so long, but the weeks fly by. Some things I will never understand.

These past couple weeks of school have been times of a lot of work and a little sleep. As the last tests make their round, there is a ton of studying to be done. Luckily in some classes, if I do well in these last tests, I can take an early final or, even better, can be exempt from the final. But, in order to get these benefits, I actually have to do well on these tests. This is a great motivation to stay up until the wee hours of the morning to finish (or sometimes start) studying, yielding anywhere from three to six hours of sleep. Only a little longer, a little longer.

This week is Rez Week (Resurrection Week) at the university. In front of Gregory Gym from this past Sunday to Thursday, there will be a tent representing the House of Prayer that will have 99 hours of non-stop worship and prayer. Students and faculty of different organizations and ministries join together to lead worship at the House of Prayer. I have been really involved with the House of Prayer and have even led a few worship sessions there.

Being able to go to the tent anytime during the day or night has been very refreshing in a time when it is easy to get bogged down in school. Having the opportunity to lay down all my stress, anxiety and weariness has spurred me on to finish this first year of college well.

Hope you enjoyed this Web journal. Please send me an e-mail message if you have any comments or questions.

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