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28 April 2003

As I have attended the university for one full academic year now, I know that I have grown an unbelievable amount. Personally, I have learned many things about living away from home, making a whole new group of friends and other great “life lessons.” Academically, I’ve understood how to study and how to better balance classes and extracurricular activities. And, most significantly, I have discovered a lot about myself and my life.

This year, my focus on life has completely shifted. The purpose that I have now and the goals I came into college with are totally different. I came into college wanting to get a degree in the Engineering Department, get an amazing job and produce a lot of income from my occupation. Although, I do not believe those dreams are completely dead, I have a greater outlook on my life. I no longer live for the American Dream that so many students here on campus live for. I no longer yearn for what our society views as success. I do not find comfort in what our culture sees as pleasure or enjoyment. I live for something more.

Reading over my Web journals again, I believe that all of my entries have many similarities. The topic of academics does not come up in every journal. This is because school does not take up my whole life. In fact, I believe that I am here at The University of Texas at Austin not just to study, take the classes I need for my major and graduate. However, I am here for a greater purpose. All of my journals have described real instances in my life and revelations I have had throughout the year. Each journal shares my life and my heart. I feel I have been real with myself, my life and the experiences that I have had. Every entry shares a part of who I am.

The underlying theme in almost every journal is my longing to develop my relationship with Christ. Whether that is portrayed through my reactions to significant experiences, my relationships or the organizations I am involved in, it all boils down to this one thing. He is the most important aspect of my life, and that is why I can't help but write about Him.

So, as my focus has changed and I look onto my next few years of college, I look forward to investing my time and effort into organizations such as Hope242 and Hook Up, making new friendships and developing the relationships that I currently have, and living an unwavering life true to what I believe.

It has been a pleasure writing each Web Journal entry this year. Thank you so much for reading them. I appreciate all of your letters of encouragement, suggestions and support. Please feel free to send me an e-mail message if you ever have any comments or questions.

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