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8 April 2003

A few things have transpired since I last updated this journal.

On the business side of things, the company is suspended indefinitely. I lost about 50 dollars worth of capital through not fully understanding the process, and am looking at my options toward actually getting this thing off the ground at some later point. Among the ideas I have are taking the screen printing class at Austin Community College or taking a job at an actual screen printer. On the other hand, I could just sell my car and buy a DC3000, the industry standard textile printer, and I would not have to ever worry about learning to silkscreen.

I also was offered a chance to work with my psychology professor and my TA and they would help me publish in a psychology journal over the summer. I had originally thought of publishing some original research on flow, but have since changed my mind. I found out that no one has ever included intuition in an intelligence test, and I am convinced it has a place there. I also found that only about 700 articles have been published on intuition in major journals since about 1900. This is an extremely small field in psychology and offers me a chance to make a name for myself.

Since I am going to be here on campus during the summer for the above anyway, I decided that I would take summer classes. I figure I will get a couple prerequisites out of the way so that fall semester I can focus on the more fun lower division courses.

Among these fun lower division courses, I am adding a few in history. I found that I have 12 of the 30 hours necessary for the history major, and may as well pick that up in the next few semesters. The other great benefit of preparing for a history major means that I will be able to take HIS 350L courses.

For those not familiar with the history section of the course catalog, these are extremely intensive and focused sections on history. For instance, one that I really wanted to take this semester was a three-hour course on Martin Luther, Protestant reformer. I actually could not do that because I was not a junior or senior in a history major. That particular problem will be fixed when I gain junior standing at the end of fall semester. Plus, if for some odd reason I end up not doing a humanities major, I will have the history major as a fallback.

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