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Major: Currently my major is psychology, but I plan on switching to journalism in the spring.

Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana

High school: Saint Thomas More Catholic High School

Facts about your family: I have an older sister, Bree, 22, a younger brother, Gabe, 11, parents, Jan and Cal, a bunch of cats, my favorite of which is named Baby Cat, and a ferret named Dumas. My family is insane, and they all like me much better now that I’m six hours away.

Why did you choose to attend The University of Texas at Austin?
In Lafayette it is common for most people to attend either the University of Louisiana or Louisiana State University. I wanted to experience something different from that. I came to visit UT last summer on the recommendation of my then current boyfriend. It’s a beautiful campus and a fun city, and I’m getting a chance to become my own person, rather than become the person that my family and friends expect me to become.

What do you want to do when you graduate from the university?
Ideally I’d like to be a housewife. In the unfortunate event that doesn’t work out, I suppose I’ll do something with print journalism.

If you could choose one personal object to represent you (something that you brought to campus with you), what would that object be?
As uncool as this is, I’d have to say my stuffed monkey Larry. He’s been with me since I was four, and I suppose he represents the sentimental side of me, the side of me that’s not quite ready to grow up. He’s soaked up a thousand tears and stayed up with me all night on the countless nights when I was too excited to sleep.

If you had to choose one thing about yourself to share with the university’s Web audience, what would it be?
Hmm. What do I want to share about myself? That’s so hard. I guess I’d like to share the fact that the world terrifies me. I imagine that will help put some of what I will eventually say into perspective, and it gives my audience an idea of where I am starting out from. College is going to be a major journey in self-discovery, and though I am afraid, I cannot wait to see what the destination will be.

Who are your heroes?
My heroes are my two best friends, Shellie Girouard and Brittany Poole. They have taught me the value of selflessness and patience. They have shown me that the greatest gift that you can give to a person is yourself. They are incredibly strong and motivated individuals, and if at the end of the day I’ve made some progress at becoming more like them, then it was a successful day.

If you could travel to one spot anywhere in the world, where would you want to visit?
If I could travel anywhere in the world right this instant I would be in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, because my favorite boy in the world lives there.

What are your current favorite books? What books would you recommend to someone you just met?
My all-time favorite book is “A Prayer for Owen Meany”; however, I wouldn’t go around recommending that book to just anyone. Thus, I would recommend the Harry Potter books to the populace in general. J.K. Rawlings is a freaking genius.

What pushes your buttons? What are your pet peeves?
I hate being late. I hate when I am yelling at my parents and they refuse to yell back…or worse, they laugh. I hate when slow readers read out loud to the class. I hate when people ask questions that have already been answered.

What music are you listening to currently?
Liz Phair when I’m happy. Coldplay and Radiohead when I’m sad.

Favorite colors?
My favorite colors are pink, gray and lavender.

Favorite Web sites?
Live Journal. I’ve always been a journalist. This is nothing new to me. And the site lets me keep tabs on my favorite resident of Baton Rouge. I’m also a big fan of

Favorite foods?
Ahh, food. I adore food. My favorite foods would have to be anything super unhealthy. Pizza rolls, cheesecake, confetti cake, ice cream, Bagel Bites. If it’s super high in saturated fats, it’s my kind of food.

All-time favorite movies?
Well, my newest favorite would have to be “Finding Nemo” and as for old favorites, “The Princess Bride,” “Romeo and Juliet” and “Shakespeare in Love” because I am a hopeless romantic.

Favorite artists?
Hmm. With regards to music I would have to say Coldplay. If we’re talking about painting and the like then I suppose I’d have to say Degas.

Favorite academic subjects? What are you interested in studying in the future?
I love English. It is by far my favorite subject. I’m very excited about studying psychology and sociology this semester.

Favorite spot on campus?
Thus far I’d have to say my favorite spot is my dorm room. There’s no place like home, ya know.

Favorite places to go in Austin? Favorite things to do in Austin?
I’ve only lived here for 10 days. I have no idea where to go or what to do; however, Roommate and I fully intend on making the rounds to see all the live music we can. And Austin City Limits is right around the corner. That makes me very happy.

Favorite free-time activities?
I spend lots of my free time talking to my friends back home. Man, I miss them. I also like to pretend I can play my pretty red guitar but I’m not sure if a repertoire of two songs counts. If I were at home then I’d have to say my favorite free-time activity would be playing board games with Shellie, Damian and Mark at Brittany’s house.

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