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6 February 2006

Before I get started with this entry, I would first like to tell all of the readers that I appreciate all of their support and their reading these entries. I most definitely enjoy responding to all who have questions about this great school we call UT.

The past two weeks have been full of excitement, exhaustion and pure happiness. I guess you might call that mixed feelings, but whatever you call it just know that all of those adjectives are strictly positive.

Why am I so overjoyed right now? Well, it so happens that yours truly is networking very closely with one of the hugest accounting firms in the world. I am referring to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). That may not seem that great because there are business students right now who have probably interned with this particular firm, but the majority of them are juniors and seniors. PwC is like a dream to me because of its affiliation with the “Big 4”* and also because the firm promotes diversity and hosts some of the best programs for prospective accountants who are still college students.

Recently I went through an interview with PwC, and I was so excited because I was literally staring a goal in the face. Days later I was notified that since I did well I was invited to the Houston office to sit in for a second interview in about two weeks. This is the most important interview, might I add, because this will determine if I get the internship.

I have been pretty anxious, but to my surprise I haven’t been nervous. I guess this trait comes from having confidence in myself and knowing that even if something doesn’t work out I will never get discouraged or stop working for any reason. To be perfectly honest I love challenges because I find out that my best work comes from them.

Now I have neglected to tell you that I have had some real support in all of the interviewing and aspiring to be the best, even as a first-year student. My very own accounting professor previously worked at PwC, and she was kind enough to give me insight on the company and accounting, as well. I absolutely LOVE my accounting course, and what’s even better is that the professor is extremely open and helpful, even while this is her first year. Not to mention, she is helping me prepare for my interview!

My business administration TA (teaching assistant) is also helping me prepare for this interview. She was previously a management consultant at PwC, and she also gave me some insight on the firm as well as an opportunity to network with some of her friends who are accountants there.

With all of this said about meeting people I would just like to mention to all UT students and college prospects, please meet as many people as you can, including your professors. You have no idea how accomplished these people are and undoubtedly they have been where you’ve been so they know all about graduating from college and maintaining a successful career and life. Half of the professors I have met are published authors, prestigious award winners or just plain knowledgeable.

Besides the interview, I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Applying for scholarships is not a joke even as a college student. Some people think the search stops when you get to college, but it never should. Why pass up free money with no strings attached? It’s the only way.

Not only are scholarships on my first-priority agenda, I have also made a motion to run for office in a couple of organizations. It’s about time I take charge and show others that when it comes to being a leader, I am not and will not be a stranger to hard work and leadership.

*Big 4—The top four accounting firms are PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte & Touche, KPMG, and Ernst and Young.

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