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27 March 2006

“Life is real! Haven’t I lived just now?”
—Raskolnikov from “Crime and Punishment”

I think it is so uncanny how I can come back from my beautiful spring break in Los Angeles and see Texans wearing big coats, beanie caps and snow boots. What happened to that good ol’ warm Texas weather I miss so much? I even miss Houston’s humidity, which is a downright blasphemous thing to even fathom. Missing humidity…are you kidding me? As you can tell the cold is affecting us all.

The Aftermath

I couldn’t wait to get back in the lab and compose this latest journal entry for all to see. Yes, spring break was a relatively short break filled with sleepless nights and spontaneous escapades that only those in college could probably relate to. I not only went to L.A. but I also traveled many miles in this round-the-clock adventure throughout Texas visiting my friends’ families, capturing priceless photos at historical landmarks and, of course, eating great food.

First we went to Dallas to do a little shopping and not to mention eat at a family barbecue, then we went to San Antonio and continued our display of camaraderie at the River Walk and also take some pictures with some famous celebrities at the wax museum. And the last stop was in the “Bayou City,” Houston, where we visited my family in the area.

The funniest moments were just looking through old photo albums of my friends and seeing their “awkward” stages. Everyone knows that we all have that one picture that we wish no one but our parents and siblings could see. Unfortunately I got a chance to see those pictures and embarrassingly enough those pictures of my “glasses-wearing, chipmunk” days were unveiled.

After that last day of traveling I departed from my crazy comrades and boarded a Continental flight non-stop to Los Angeles. Now, although this alone is some exciting news, once I was about to arrive I received some shocking news from the captain. It went a little something like this: “This is your captain speaking, we are now arriving in L.A. and it is a chilly 48 degrees.” Chilly? That’s freezing. Yes, my friends it was COLD. I mean, I know the up-north folks would contest to my description of L.A. as freezing because they experience it all the time, but I’m a southern girl and the heat, not dying heat though, is my buddy.

Anyway, in L.A. I stayed with my aunt and I also reunited with a friend who attends what happens to be my other top school prospect for me back when I was applying to college: UCLA. Man, how beautiful. Anyway, some of the things that I did in the “City of Angels” involved walking up and down Hollywood Boulevard, stepping on Robin Williams (not literally, just his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame), and I even got a chance to sit in at a taping of the Tyra Banks Show. Yes, I know, my spring break was extremely nice.

Then, it just stopped. I was just not ready to come back to school. I was riding back to school with one of my friends and I was just like, “Nooo, why me! Why can’t spring break be any longer?”

But the best realization that I could come to was the fact that school will definitely be over in about six weeks. The crazy thing about college is that professors treat spring break like a weekend.

It’s back to work on Monday! Once you’re back, you’re back and they get started with a new lesson like you didn’t just have fun. However, I know that this is what I’m paying to go to school for, and that is to get my education. Holidays, breaks and other types of off-days are really incentives to me because through all that hard work a little break will definitely go a long way and I know that from now on I will cherish them and live them to the fullest!

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