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7 November 2005

I just want to preface with this statement, “I am really excited about this!” It’s kind of dorky, huh? But, honestly how often do people get the chance to have their thoughts, ideas and random bursts of inspiration be published on their own Web page. To add clarity and organization, I want to divide my reflections into three parts:

  • The UT Student’s Dictionary, as defined by Eman
  • Temporally and Inspirationally Dependent Literature, also known as what Eman decides to write when he has the time and motivation to
  • Contentious Cogitations, what I like to do when I’m alone.

The UT Student’s Dictionary

Sleep – (n) what I don’t get enough of

Jester East – (n) the dorm I live in and love, despite the odious smell of its hallways

Unique – (adj.) how you politely describe the smell of the hallways in Jester East

Time management – (n) an essential skill that will help you survive your first year in college

Deficient – (adj.) lacking (that is, When it comes to time management skills, I am deficient.)

JCL – (n) the acronym for Jester City Limits; similar to a cafeteria in which it has its perks but is usually overpriced (also known as the place where unknowing freshmen waste their money to eat when they can eat for dollars less at J2, the cheaper, all-you-can-eat version of JCL one floor above.)

Temporally and Inspirationally Dependent Literature

Title: Amanda

Background: This poem was inspired by one of my friends, and fittingly enough her name is Amanda. I have met so many wonderful friends at UT it is my honor to be so inspired by so many of them.


She glides into the room,
her footsteps barely a whisper,
her hair brushing lightly against her face, like the loose petals of a dandelion, dancing to the tune of a brisk summer breeze.

She takes a moment to stop,
to adjust to the dimming light,
as day turns to night, a blanket of darkness sweeping across the land

As she stops, time holds its breath,
anticipating her next step,
her next breath, the steady cadence of her beating heart stilled only for a moment, an infinitesimal moment missed only by time's ephemeral grasp

But as quickly as that moment is held,
so is it broken by the sudden rush of life,
life heralded by her bright smile, dawn's signal for night to slumber, a cocoon of warmth breaking the desolate embrace of loneliness

She smiles and the world is born anew,
Her joy bringing joy to others, a harbinger of happiness, of hope yet to come.

She smiles and the world is born...
...she smiles...
...her smile...
...and the world is born anew...

Title: Squirrels: A collection of haikus

Background: The squirrels of UT Austin hold a special place in my heart. Everyday I am constantly amused by the antics of my tiny furry friends. I am not too familiar with writing haikus, so this is primarily a form of experimentation.

Squirrels #1

Fluffy tails

Scampering quickly

Cute squirrels

Squirrels #2

Chattering loudly

Faces stuffed with pecans

I want to squeeze

Squirrels #3

Tiny hands

Holding large pecans

Makes me laugh

Contentious Cogitations

This section is devoted to my musings on issues I find relevant. I want to preface by stating that anything I write is not intended to offend nor do I claim that my views are right. This is just for me to get my thoughts in a concrete format. What you do with them is up to you. I will be the first to admit that my views are in a perpetual state of transformation because I am constantly learning new things and formulating new ideas.

Black Shoes White Socks

As petty as this blurb may seem, I am embarrassed when I see guys wearing white socks with black dress shoes. Men, we need to do better to represent the male race, and we can start by dressing right. I am not afraid to admit that I like to dress well. Some would say I have a “metrosexual” sense of fashion. I accept that as a compliment.

Anyway, I was walking to class one day when I noticed what appeared to be a professionally dressed male student, whom I will call Bob for the sake of simplicity. I mentally complimented Bob on his suit, a nice, black double-button suit. Bob could have done better with the white dress shirt underneath. I think white dress shirts are too overdone and unless complemented with a nice tie that has a hint of character will bring the aesthetic level of the entire ensemble down a few notches. Word of advice, if you’re trying to dress to impress, choose dress shirts that will instill the image of confidence to those who see it, while at the same time complementing the suit and your body type. For example, if you want to seem slimmer or taller, dress shirts, or even suits, that have vertical stripes help create the illusion.

So, as I was mentally calculating Bob’s attire, a flash of white caught my attention. No, it wasn’t the white shirt, but the presence of white ankle socks that were coupled with his nice dress shoes. I was so shocked and devastated by this fashion train wreck, this dressing-yourself-101-mishap that I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and was almost run over by a student speeding on his bike.

White socks, even more horrifying, white athletic ankle socks, should never be worn with a black suit and black dress shoes. You might as well not dress professionally at all. You might as well go in your pajamas, or no clothes at all, with the statement you’re making. White socks with black dress shoes make as much sense as green-colored ketchup. You don’t mess with ketchup’s color, nor do you put white socks and black dress shoes together. So to all the Bobs out there, the next time I see you wearing a black suit with black dress shoes, the socks better be black.

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