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6 March 2006

Tonight I went on a quest. I was searching for the perfect study shop and a good cup of chai tea. After the excruciatingly tragic close of my favorite place (Mojo’s), I find myself on a perpetual chase for that perfect spot. I checked my wallet, and wandered into Metro, a cash-only coffee joint with comfy couches and a whole lot of attitude. I was determined to get some serious studying done.

Sleek modern metal chairs and bare walls characterize Metro, a sharp contrast to comfy, bright, eclectic Mojo’s. The chai is just a tad sweet for my taste, but at least it’s still delicious, fairly consistent and better than Starbucks. As of right now, I’m happily ensconced in a squishy red chair.

And as soon as I walked in here, two of my favorite people—one lovely Sharon and one just as lovely Victoria—were studying away on the blue couches. I ordered my chai (hot, with soy milk, just the way I like it), and joined them. We laughed for a bit, caught up. Sharon, a probable psychology major, asked Victoria and me to help her with a homework assignment. We drew pictures of people, fictional people. Victoria drew salsa-dancing Javier, and I sketched wealthy costume designer Isabella.

According to Sharon’s psychoanalysis based on my picture, I’m “a little insecure, but also open to meeting people, shy about opening up about deeper things, but will readily discuss superficial matters.”

The astuteness with which she assessed me is frightening.

I’m more than a little insecure. And, yes, I may love chattering with people, but I rarely, rarely, discuss personal things, serious emotion. I listen, I give advice, but when it comes to my problems (unless it’s a shallow what-should-I-wear issue), I almost never ask for help.

I should work on that.

Anyway, I’ve now shifted to the blue couch, and Victoria has left, and a Cara has arrived, and we’re all industriously typing away. Sharon’s still memorizing psychology terms, Cara’s staring at pictures of rock formations for her geology class, and I’m staring at my philosophy textbook, crossing my fingers that diffusion will kick and I’ll magically absorb its contents. I have a midterm on Friday. I’m terrified about it.

The girl diagonally across from me is absorbed in course packets. The boy at the end of the couch is buried within newspaper clippings. And, I’m here, clicking on my keyboard. This whole campus is in various stages of stressed out. We’re all tired of tests and papers, sick of sleep deprivation, sick of Blackboard and homework servers.

Spring break, get ready for the Longhorns!

On a more entertaining note, I was on an ESPN TV show during a recent UT basketball game. I sat in the O-Zone at the Frank Erwin Center, and, my god, it was so much fun! All the jumping, the screaming and the overpriced food. Sports really are the lifeblood of this university. I’m excited for football season already, despite losing Vince. I still think we’re going to win. A lot.

Keeping with the athletic tone of this segment, my sorority hosted a 3-on-3 basketball tournament March 25 at Gregory Gym to raise money for the Austin Rainbow Room (a charity that helps abused and neglected children by providing them with basic necessities). The event was tons of fun and was for a great cause!

That’s it for now. Follow the usual routine—comments, questions, etc. to I love feedback! Really, I do!

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