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21 November 2005

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If you can’t find me there, it’s usually easiest to go looking for me at the local campus hotspot, Posse East.

Situated neatly off north campus, Posse East has all the warm, welcoming atmosphere that a sports café and restaurant should. Serving my friends and me the best food and the coldest drinks is the way to keep us around, and in doing so we can easily say that we never leave.

I find that “Let’s go to Posse” has become a rallying cry for my friends. If ever there is a game on the television to be watched, “Let’s go to Posse.” If ever there is free time during the day or after Longhorn Band (LHB) rehearsal, “Let’s go to Posse.” Even when there is studying to be done for a test that day, we very much utilize the wireless network there to access the Internet and finish our papers and, of course, all the while enjoying a beverage and a game.

We observed last week just how frequently we’re at Posse. It started as a “once a week every Thursday night” deal, established by the founders of Beta Lambda Phi, my unofficial LHB fraternity. So the gang gathers at Posse every Thursday, feel free to join. But once we realized that we were broke because we had spent the last six days at the establishment, it was decidedly dubbed as our Cheers. I mean, we even fraternize with the bartenders on a regular basis.

It’s a great thing to have that common place among people. If I can’t find someone, I pretty much know where to look. But more important, it’s a location that everyone can agree on that allows us to enjoy stimulating conversation with any number of friends or strangers, and quite frankly it has created from a varied demographic of students a very close-knit group of friends.

Many things have come to pass already this year at Posse. From nearly every member of LHB gathering to sing songs, my initiation into Beta Lambda Phi, watching the football game when the Virginia Tech Hokies fell to the Miami Hurricanes, to hearing stories about the golden days of LHB from graduates of five, 10 and 20 years before, Posse is the staple of many great things and many more to come.

One of which is the mighty Posse Thanksgiving. The event heralded by all as the “Feast of the East,” this glorious holiday event is created and made possible by the customers. This is another tradition started eons before my time. Patrons to Posse East like ourselves would gather after their respective Thanksgiving dinners, bringing with them any leftovers from their own house or quite frankly whatever they could steal at word’s notice, two-stepping it to Posse and enjoying the feast that is built up from everyone’s donations.

When it all comes down to it, Posse East is a testimony to the goodness of people. If it weren’t for the friendly management and staff, it just wouldn’t be the same. Encouraged by the atmosphere set up by the staff, customers are encouraged to meet one another and many friends can be made there, as we all dearly flock there so often. But it’s that goodness and inviting personality of the individuals that I hope continues to spread among the students from UT and even the town.

And maybe that’s what it is all really about. Everyone just getting along.

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