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6 February 2006

“Lately I’ve been waking to
The bluest dawns that I once slept through.
The morning hangs like open chords
That fell in with my own thoughts and words.

College campuses and warmest grass,
We watch the children run to class.
When did we decide that had to be
All facts and chance that we lost mystery?

I used to worry all the time,
But I slowed down to live my life,
To live my life now.”

—Denison Witmer, “Worry All The Time”
from Are You A Dreamer?

I used to not run to class. I am trying to change back. Rushing is no fun.

This is the spring semester after all. The year is supposed to close out, things slow down, flowers grow and the summer washes in. That was the ideal I had for this semester. It wasn’t hard to feel that way, especially since my busiest activity, Longhorn Band, had slowed down.

The days were going to get longer, I was going to be more active and everything was going to go smoothly.

And that’s certainly the way it ended up not to be.

In fact, I believe I am actually busier this semester than last. Yes, I did add one more course to my workload, and now have 17 hours of class, but that alone did not affect my days to the point at which they stand. I am crunching during the sunny hours to find a break, to even just get the chance to walk slowly and breathe the fresh air or chat between classes.

This semester saw my courses start no earlier than 11 a.m., and certainly that has me in the classroom until 5 p.m. on most days. I use my hours in between for lunch because that’s about all the time I’ve made for myself, which is where the problem arises.

I heard somewhere once that procrastination is not just putting away your tasks, but rather spending a majority of time simply thinking of all the things to be done instead of putting that thought into action. I think if I worked nearly half as hard as I thought about working hard, I’d be a made man.

And that’s just the thing. It’s too easy to spend that 30 minutes of an hour’s break just sitting around and thinking about how 30 minutes isn’t enough time to accomplish much anything. But that’s still 30 minutes, and it could’ve been used. Too often I just wait until I have more time, but too often that never comes. So when is enough time ever going to come around?

I think I may already have enough time, it’s just a matter of using it. I hope to be more productive this semester, and I’m finding that I’m on my way. Though not to fit my ideal of the spring semester but certainly to my pleasure and academic fortitude, I’ve found another outlet that is both entertaining and critical to my career. (Though who ever thought there weren’t enough things to do at UT?)

Through the TexaStudenTeleVision (TSTV) Network, I have become involved at KVR-Sports. KVR-Sports is the sports broadcasting station that operates under TSTV, the only FCC-licensed and regulated student television network in the nation.

Before I even enter my upper-division courses and career-track, I am able as a student to work with studio equipment, prepare stories, conduct interviews and go on live television, regardless of my major in the university. To this date I’ve already filmed interviews with baseball players and coaches of the defending national champion Longhorns.

It’s exciting, but the job has taken most of what was left of my weeknights and weekends. But you know what, I don’t mind. It’s what I enjoy. And that means something.

I did come to college, after all, to get an education doing what I love. I’m learning to grip responsibility and a loss of free time, but it doesn’t sound that bad when I’m doing what I love: sports and talking, or rather just talking about sports. I often forget that I came here not only to learn textbooks, numbers and figures but also to learn about myself and this world. I can never have too much of introspection. Maybe it’s good for the soul.

These and other opportunities are further testament, however, that here at UT you can find whatever you’re looking for and in any amount. I do believe as well that it is entirely necessary as a student to get involved, and fast. I don’t think I’d have realized what I’ve got here if I didn’t actually use it.

So next time between classes, I think I’m going to rest shortly on the front lawn and watch the “children run to class.”

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