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Major: Radio-Television-Film

College/School: College of Communication

Hometown: Allen, Texas

High school: Allen High School

Facts about your family:
We all have had curly hair at one point in time. My dad doesn’t have much left, but I promise it was there before. We used to watch “Wheel of Fortune” on a regular basis and get way too into it. My brother goes to that one school in Lubbock, you know what I’m talking about. Id say we’re all pretty cool, but we eat too much. My brother and I share the same initials and sometimes friends.

Why did you choose to attend The University of Texas at Austin?
I needed a change, I dwell on change, but I admitted that I wasn’t mature enough to head out to L.A. alone. So this city is the best place for me. Not to mention, the film school is muy, muy bueno.

What do you want to do when you graduate from the university?
Make some massive films, and possibly rule the world, but I’m debating about the second. In all seriousness, I’m definitely going to conquer the whole cinema quest…with style.

If you could choose one personal object to represent you (an item you brought to campus with you), what would that object be?
Goodness, this is hard. I’m too obscure. But if I had to decide, I’d say this lamp that I have that is in the shape of a film camera. It reminds me of my goal, and everyone mistakes it for a real camera. I don’t know what that has to do with me, personally, but maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a trickster? Or not. I’m not sure, but the bottom line is, I love my light and it makes me happy. So maybe it’s because I make other people happy? Or not. I’m still not sure.

If you had to choose one thing about yourself to share with the university’s Web audience, what would it be?
I never capitalize. Uppercase is so overrated. And I use periods at the end of everything. I mean everything. Even this. Yes, this, too.

Who are your heroes?
Chuck Pahlahniuk. Anyone who can write about such crazy shenanigans and manage to actually sell copies and score a blingin movie deal along the way, is definitely my hero. Oh, and his style definitely kicks.

If you could travel to one spot anywhere in the world, where would you want to visit?
I don’t think I could just pick one place to travel to. This world is immense. I want to see it all, or at least come close.

What are your current favorite books? What books would you recommend to someone you just met?
choke, lullaby, invisible monsters, diary, haunted, survivor, fight club. i may be borderline obsessed with my man, chuck.

What pushes your buttons? What are your pet peeves?
Empty fridges. Pencils. Emphasis on the wrong syllables. My car smelling like food. Talking smack. Smacking. Judgments. Wide-ruled paper. Flat soda. Doors slamming.

What music are you listening to currently?
This list is going to be massive because I can’t just list one or two, so I forgive you for not actually reading all of it. But it’s in alphabetical order for easy reference.

764-hero. the academy is... acceptance. the album leaf. all time quarterback. the american analog set. american football. an angle. and you will know us by the trail of dead. aqualung. the arcade fire. architecture in helsinki. armor for sleep. at the drive-in. atom and his package. beatles. bedouin soundclash. belle and sebastian. ben folds five. ben harper. benton falls. the beta band. blink 182. bloc party. brand new. brandtson. the bravery. breaking pangaea. british sea power. burden brothers. byrds. cadence. cake. cat stevens. chomsky. chopin. chronic future. circa survive. coheed and cambria. coldplay. the concretes. counting crows. cranberries. crowded house. damien rice. daphne loves derby. dashboard confessional. dave matthews band. david bowie. david byrne. david gray. death cab for cutie. the decemberists. the dismemberment plan. the doors. the doves. duran duran. the early november. elliott smith. emery. fairweather. fall out boy. finch. the fire theft. foo fighters. the format. frank sinatra. franz ferdinand. frou frou. further seems forever. the futureheads. the get up kids. gomez. goo goo dolls. graham colton band. greatness in tragedy. green day. guster. gym class heroes. halifax. hawthorne heights. head automatica. hellogoodbye. hidden in plain view. him. houston calls. howie day. i can make a mess like nobody's business. imogen heap. incubus. the international noise conspiracy. interpol. iron and wine. jack johnson. jamison parker. jason mraz. jefferson airplane. jem. jets to brazil. jimmy eat world. johnathan rice. josh rouse. kaiser chiefs. kansas. kasabian. keane. the killers. koufax. lcd soundsystem. led zeppelin. less than jake. levi smith. the libertines. long since forgotten. longwave. louis xiv. lucero. lynrd skynrd. mae. the mars volta. massive attack. matchbook romance. mates of state. matisyahu. mindy smith. minus the bear. modest mouse. moneen. morissey. motion city soundtrack. the movielife. muse. the music. my chemical romance. my morning jacket.  nada surf. name taken. nelly furtado. neutral milk hotel. the new amsterdams. new found glory. nick drake. no use for a name. oasis. the offspring. oleander. olympic hopefuls. paramore. paul simon. pavement. pedro the lion. pete yorn. peter gabriel. phantom planet. phil collins. phoenix. piebald. pixies. plain white t’s. the police. the postal service. the promise ring. psapp. queen. queens of the stone age. r.e.m. rachael yamagata.  radio 4. radiohead. rainer maria. the reason. red hot chili peppers. reggie and the full effect. remy zero. rilo kiley. the rocket summer. rogue wave. rolling stones. rooney. roy orbison. ryan adams. saosin. saves the day. senses fail. the shins. shout out louds. silverstein. simon and garfunkel. slovo. the smiths. snow patrol. something corporate. the soundtrack of our lives. sparta. the spill canvas. spitalfield. spoon. stars. the starting line. steel train. steely dan. steve miller band. straylight run. the strokes. sublime. sugarcult. sunday’s best. sunny day real estate. system of a down. taking back sunday. talking heads. ted leo and the pharmacists. tegan and sara. tenacious d. texas is the reason. this day and age. this providence. the thrills. thursday. tokyo rose. tom petty. travis. tyler hilton. underoath. the used. van morrison. vendetta red. vhs or beta. waking ashland. the wallflowers. the wedding present. weezer. the who. wilco. the working title. yes. zero 7. zolof the rock and roll destroyer. the zombies.

Favorite colors?
Blue, bluer, bluest. Blue is where it’s at.

Favorite Web sites? Why?
Definitely Yes, I’m “Myspaced” and proud of it. Oh, and owns, represent. Not to mention that is my savior.

Favorite foods?
Spaghetti. Banana split ice cream. Ranch dressing, not alone, but on most things, if not all. I went an entire week eating solely chicken tenders, so I’d say I’m a pretty big fan.

All-time favorite movies? Why?
This is a hard question. I’ll try to keep it moderately short.

dr. strangelove or: how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. spartacus. donnie brasco. 2001: a space odyssey. a clockwork orange. requiem for a dream. full metal jacket. memento. the usual suspects. fight club. lawrence of arabia. north by northwest. casablanca. apocalypse now. primal fear. 25th hour. pulp fiction. jackie brown. four rooms. donnie darko. garden state. das boot. american history x. the pianist. before sunrise. before sunset. dazed and confused. amelie. boondock saints. chocolat. in america. almost famous. american beauty. notorious. strangers on a train. l.a. confidential. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. touch of evil. the maltese falcon. shadow of a doubt. citizen kane. seven. rear window. city of god. taxi driver. edward scissorhands. thirteen. reservoir dogs. schindler’s list. sling blade. amores perros. chinatown. pee wee’s big adventure. the maltese falcon. Just to name a few.

Favorite artists?
Van Gogh. And this street vendor I bought a print from. I can’t read his signature, so I’m not exactly sure who he is.

Favorite academic subjects? What are you interested in studying in the future?
I completely dig English. I like to think I’m an OK writer. But I don’t outwardly despise any subject, though I’m not that fond of math. I want to eventually study Hebrew as soon as I gain confidence enough to possibly pass. And, of course, I’ll continue taking kickin’ film classes. The more the better.

Favorite spot on campus?
Honestly, this whole campus is pretty rockin’. I haven’t discovered my own niche yet, but it’ll find me first.

Favorite places to go in Austin? Favorite things to do in Austin?
So far, I’ve been a bit sheltered. The walk to my parking garage is definitely not motivation for exploration. I have swept through a few thrift stores, though. I’ll become an expert of Austin before long. And the concert venues will know my name.

Favorite free-time activities?
Chewing gum. Watching films. Reading books. Writing or making movies. Sleeping, goodness, I’m good at that. Meeting new people. Educating people in music or film. Procrastinating.

Interesting facts about you:
I brush my teeth more than the legal limit. I definitely wear white after Labor Day. I think my handwriting owns.  I dig piercings. I sat behind Owen Wilson at a Dodgers game in L.A. and didn’t say a word. I’m horrible at Dance Dance Revolution. I treat my 60GB iPod better than I’m going to treat my future kids, just don’t tell them. I hardly ever match. I worked at a feature film in Dallas. I run like a little girl. I fell for the whole Y2K craze, real hard. I attempt to be ambidextrous. I’m probably one of the most sarcastic people I know. I can’t figure myself out. Blatant is my favorite word. I say “oh snap” too much. I think I can do the robot really well. I’ve never been on a sports team in my life. I sneeze at least four times in a row, and they’re miniature. I dedicated a month of my life to Counterstrike. I wish I could quote movies more often. I’m addicted to AOL IM. I like listening to depressing music. Love terrifies me, but I can’t wait. I spend too much time thinking. I’m picky about what pens I use. I like cute nerds. I want to find myself. I like to take naps after a shower. I can’t wait for my high school reunion. I wish I studied more. My attention span is lacking. I can roll my r’s like nobody’s business. I have an affinity for spelling long last names. I’m ready to grow up.

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