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26 September 2005

What did I expect from this whole “college” shenanigan and how did that turn out? Well, for starters, here’s a key to my rambling: the (+) means “yes, it happened,” the (-) means “definitely didn’t happen” and the (!) means “I hope it happens sometime soon.” So here we go.

I expected to be blown away (+). I expected that I’d fall in love with this city (+). I expected that my room would be a constant mess (+). I expected that I’d never stop listening to music (+). I expected that I’d meet people who would change my life (!). I expected that my laundry basket would never be empty (+). I expected that I’d have professors whose classrooms would become havens of thought (+). I expected that I’d learn to economize (+). I expected that I wouldn’t sleep very much (+). I expected that I’d eat too much (+). I expected that I’d find friends who all have expectations (+). I expected that my bed would never be made (+). I expected that the heat would be my archenemy (+). I expected that I’d go to the gym a lot (-).

I expected to trip a few times as I walk to classes (+). I expected to do all of my homework each day (-). I expected to read more books (!). I expected that I’d fall in love (!). I expected that sometimes I’d go to class wearing the clothes I slept in (+). I expected that the food would not be very appetizing (-). I expected to embark on many post-midnight food excursions (+). I expected to use my textbooks often (-). I expected that I would make mistakes (+). I expected that I would learn from the mistakes (+). I expected to use my video and film cameras often (!). I expected to start a new life (+).

I expected that I’d still really keep in touch with high school friends (-). I expected to have countless late nights (+). I expected to have a good view from my dorm room (-). I expected to ruin a lot of my shoes (+). I expected to take advantage of the thrift stores here (+). I expected to really know how to get around this city (!). I expected my classes would be fairly large (+). I expected to further enjoy film and music more than I already do (+). I expected to begin lifetime friendships (+, I hope). I expected I’d enjoy almost every minute (+). I expected to forget the bad days (+). I expected to remember the good ones (+). I expected to grow up (+). I expected to move on (+). I expected the unexpected (+).

The real question is: What didn’t I expect? I didn’t expect that the people on my dorm floor would get along so well. I didn’t expect that I’d have to walk so incredibly much. I didn’t expect it to be so hard to budget my money. I didn’t expect that there could never be a dull moment. I didn’t expect to take so many afternoon naps. I didn’t expect that my parking garage would be seven trillion miles away. I didn’t expect that I’d be into football. I didn’t expect that guest hours would end so early. I didn’t expect that my classes would be fairly easy. I didn’t expect that waking up so early would be a tedious task.

I didn’t expect to miss certain people so much. I didn’t expect that the Drag (Guadalupe Street that runs alongside campus) would become such mayhem after the Texas vs. Ohio State football game. I didn’t expect that my roommate and I would become this close. I didn’t expect that I would be able to handle all of this freedom. I didn’t expect that my dorm would have a blue wall. I didn’t expect that my posters would not stay on that blue wall. I didn’t expect to spend so much time and money at Wendy’s. I didn’t expect to be so happy. I didn’t expect to not look back.

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