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I’m going to be uncharacteristically serious- you’ve been warned. I’ve been talking to my friends lately, and it’s dawned on me more and more that women do not get the respect they deserve anymore. I don’t want to get up on a high horse here, I make sexist jokes I probably shouldn’t all the time (Wanna hear a joke? Women’s rights.), but when push comes to shove and serious issues are at hand, I’d like to think that I treat women the way they should be treated.

It seems like almost all of my female friends have or have had guys who completely disrespect them in every way imaginable, who can’t see the world through anything other than their own two eyes, and who cannot even begin to grasp their own feelings, let alone those of the person they supposedly care about. That’s right, I said feelings, I have them, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Women deserve so much more than some jerk who wants to use them, abuse them, and lose them. Women are princesses, and should be treated as such. Us selfish guys should consider ourselves lucky to tread the same ground they walk on, but more often than not, we tread on them.

I think the problem grows exponentially when we get to college. I’d imagine it’s because guys have finally caught on to their ability to manipulate- we’re pretty clueless. But just because we are young does not mean we are completely naive. Guys know when what they are doing is wrong and selfish, but they also know it’s easier than being honest. The path of least resistance is always the most attractive.

I don’t mean to preach, I’m just some freshman who knows little about the world and even less about women. But it sickens me to hear again and again from all of my friends about guys who manipulate and take advantage of their relationships for reasons I cannot comprehend. Maybe they’re afraid of losing their girlfriend, maybe they want to feel powerful. Regardless of their reasons, there are a lot of words I can think of for that kind of guy, but I can’t write most of them here- A few that I can say are pathetic, cowardly, and stupid.

Women are not idiots, and they are not fragile porcelain dolls, but that doesn’t mean they are impervious to the damage that can be done by lies, deceit, and outright disrespect- no one is. Chivalry is bloodied, beaten, and battered; it’s lying on the floor with every bone in its body broken, but it is not dead. We should all try harder, myself included, to nurse it back to health. There’s more to it than holding open a door, pulling out a chair, and waiting to get off of an elevator. Women should be told how beautiful they are every minute of every day, and not only that, they should be told how intelligent, how courageous, and how amazing they are every damn second. Because they are, and sometimes they forget it amidst all the cruel and false words of undeserving cowards.

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