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Longhorn Confidential

Do I really have to go back?

I am quite sad!

One week until school starts again. I am happy that I only have three classes left to graduate, but I have had one of my best winter breaks EVER. Another pro is that I just moved into a 1 bedroom apartment, and I am soso happy. All with their own place would understand. The negative thing is that you can never throw parties at my complex, Longhorn Landings, because the security guards there are quite…hmmm, how can I put itnot much fun.

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January 8, 2007 | | By Chrystal | Comments Off

A new year, a new semester

You know you’re in school, when a year to you is August to May. Not January to December. It sounds strange, but it’s true. I realize that it’s a new year, but I always see years in terms of semesters and finals. Being a student has its quirks.

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January 8, 2007 | | By Michelle | Comments Off

Back and busy.

I’m officially moved back in. In fact, I managed to get EVERYthing put away and all of my appliances plugged back in! I also found a friend to hang out with last night, which I encourage to anyone moving back in.

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January 8, 2007 | | By Caitlin | Comments Off

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