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The beginning of the end.

Today was the first day of my very last semester as a UT nursing student. It wasn’t a very eventful day with the university only opening at 10 AM, I fortunately got to sleep in this morning.

There’s something about this semester that feels different. It already feels more serene (I know that will change soon), but I’m becoming more comfortable adopting the role of a nurse and preparing myself to be the best addition to my profession as possible. We took a tour of the hospital where I’ll be doing clinical this semester, St. David’s South Austin Hospital, and I felt so comfortable and ready to go. I hope these feelings remain with me for the next few months.

The snow days we’ve had recently gave me a lot of time to think. My laptop decided to go haywire and since the roads and stores were closed, I was given the opportunity to think, read, and watch some mindless (yet awesome) shows on VH1 and watch all the movies that I love with my sister. With the help of some awesome friends, my computer was up and running just in time for school to start. It made me think of all the days back in elementary school when you’d get your supplies ready before the first day, and you would enter a classroom full of somewhat familiar faces with the smell of freshly sharpened pencils wafting in the air. Flooded with fear and excitement, you’d be given the chance to start over again. Every semester I set new goals for myself, to be the best student, to study all the time. I always manage to find comfortable moderation. The only problem is that in a job, you don’t get that fresh start every few months. Will I be able to maintain my personal life and my professional life as separate and equally important entities?

All this time to think is making it apparent that I’ll really be getting married. And soon. The next few months I can already tell will fly right by, and before I notice it, I’ll be seeing Henry at the altar. I’ve already bought my dress, shoes, and veil. It’s going to be weird to not put “single” in that marital status box. We’ve been dating for six and a half years-ish, so it’s not like this whole thing came as a surprise. We’ve been talking about getting married for more than four years now, but in my head I always thought of it as an event so far in the future that it would never come. Now it’s mere months away.

It’ll be a whirlwind of a change come May. I’ll become a college graduate, a nurse, financially independent, and a wife. Wow.

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