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Ryan Thomas: Font of Wisdom, Paragon of Virtue

I hate giving background information. It’s so tedious and trite. I mean, aren’t you irritated right now at what I’m doing? The irony of this whole situation is that in saying all of this I’m actually giving you background information on background information.

Ok, so anyway, here are the facts pertinent to the story: Last Saturday UT hosted “The Biggest Open House in Texas,” also known as Explore UT. I was on a panel in the morning along with some fellow bloggers and a guy named Will so that about 3,000 high school seniors who have been admitted to UT could ask questions about college life and UT. I also volunteered for the afternoon as a campus greeter to direct people to various events (On reviewing what I’ve written, this last bit of information is actually completely irrelevant, but rather than removing it I decided to add this inane parenthetical explanation).

Ok, so boring information out of the way- 3,000 people doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but when you are sitting in a little metal chair on a stage with two sides of bleachers and a crap-ton of chairs filled up and facing you, the hugeness of that number really drives itself home. At this point you may be thinking “OMG LOL Ryan Thomas was nervous, this is redefining my entire existence and everything I have ever believed.” Fear not, such a thought holds no credence whatsoever. Being in front of 3,000 people who wanted to hear what I had to say only served to remind me of how important and awesome I am. I was blown away by the sheer magnitude of my greatness. Who would have thought that my knowledge was so extensive, or my wit so profound? Certainly I did, but it would seem as though basically everyone else does too. Knowledge I take for granted, like how the universe was made, the meaning of life, and the pros and cons of bringing a car to college for the first year are but some of the things I discovered not everyone knows.

Now that I have finished (justly) praising myself, I feel as though I should say something useful in this post. A ton of you soon-to-be college kids had really good questions, and sadly not everyone had time to get their questions in. That has made me realize that not everything you need to know about college is readily accessible. There is a lot of “off the books” type information that is vital to surviving (that may have been overly dramatic). Feel free to email me with any questions you have, and I promise I will find time to hop down from my shining golden throne to reply to the best of my (considerable) abilities. If I get enough, I may even make an important questions and answers post for everyone’s edification.

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