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Until Death Do They Part

I can’t really think of any flowery and ultimately pointless and irrelevant introduction to the story I am about to tell, so I’ll just get right to it. My dad got married at the very beginning of spring break (a weekish ago, on Saturday). I did virtually every duty one can think of for a wedding participant, other than taking vows myself. I was the usher, the best man, and the guy who reads a really long prayer.

In addition to performing all of my duties superbly, I looked damn good in my tux.

Evidence of my shockingly attractive features.

More importantly however, I provided impromptu entertainment when the wedding reception began losing guests. Much to the chagrin of my father, who was trying to cut the cake at the time, I started doing the electric slide by myself when the band played it because I thought it was a shame that the dance floor was being wasted. Unfortunately, no one saw fit to take pictures during the act, but let me assure you, it was epic. At the end I received a standing ovation, and everyone congratulated me on my outrageously good dance skills afterwards.

You would think that, it being my dad’s wedding, I would make this post about him. I began with the best of intentions, but every time I write or speak it inevitably ends up being about how amazing I am in every way shape and form. I wonder if that is a character flaw? Probably not. Anyway, here some other pictures from the wedding.

My little sis’
My dad is either really lame or really cool, you decide.
I got my own cake!
The first dance.
The groom’s cake. My dad has good taste in decoration.
Older sis’ (she didn’t know I was taking a picture, she was in the middle of a conversation, sucker).

Ok, so after the wedding ended my dad went on his honeymoon to Europe, so I came back to Austin. Let me assure you that spring break by yourself in a dorm with a closed cafeteria is the definition of suck. Had I known I may have chosen to accompany my mother looking at houses in Louisiana, but sadly I was taken completely unawares. I basically spent the entirety of the break playing video games and eating fast food. While that sounded good to me in theory, I quickly discovered that I am a social animal, and without people around I began to lose my sanity. If someone happened across me during those solemn, dreary days, I apologize if I did anything truly terrible, but you must forgive me as I was not myself. If you are anything like me (i.e. awesome), I highly recommend finding somewhere to go for Spring Break. That is all.

I leave you with this parting gift.

All you need is a black T-shirt and a makeshift cape courteous of AXE
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