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A Law Abiding Post about Pre-K

I has been brought to my attention (Ahhhh passive voice, I’m an English major, I should be crucified. That was passive too. Ouch) that putting pictures of school children on the internet is, understandably, quite illegal without all sorts of permission and forms and things of that nature. I hadn’t really thought about it. Anyway, I came up with a solution that I think is best for all parties involved.

This is me teaching the class about bugs. These people are definitely not my friends Rachel, Grant, and Stephanie. They are, in fact, four to five year old children.

I’m in my first semester in the UTeach program here to get my teacher certification, and they start you off in an elementary. The second semester you go to middle school, and the third you go to high school. After that it gets more complicated and I won’t go into all the lurid details. Suffice to say that I was observing and student teaching in a pre-k classroom. When I first started I was really wondering what use it would be to me to observe in a pre-k when I want to teach high school, but I quickly discovered how valuable the experience was. It didn’t hurt that the kids are outrageously cute (As I’m sure you can tell from the photographs).

This was a zany day when I got a little upset with one of the students. It took a lot of convincing to allow me to return after this incident.

They grew on me quickly, and especially when I had to leave and they all said “Bye Mr. Ryan.” It almost makes me want to go into elementary education. I highly recommend the UTeach Liberal Arts program to anyone even at all considering becoming a teacher because the first class is only 1 hour, and it’s extremely rewarding. The requirements to graduate from the program are rather strenuous and require a lot of extra courses, but that only serves to better prepare you. The fact that you get to jump right into a classroom is awesome, and, if you’re like me anyway, you will discover that you like kids a lot more than you thought you did.

This is two of my students fighting one another. I am giving a friendly but stern reprimand to get them to stop. You can’t tell in the picture, but it worked almost immediately.

The teacher I observe with wants me to help chaperon them on a field trip in May, so I’ll get to see them again one more time, but after that it’s game over. That is probably my only regret, and I can’t imagine what it’s like for an actual teacher who sees them every day for a year and then has to watch them go. It must be almost as bad as keeping up with my rants for two semesters and then watching me go. I can only imagine such pain, and I shudder to think of it what it must be like for you. Be strong, do not falter, and you may survive this. Not to worry though, I’m still good for a few posts more.

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