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Wheezing and rocking out.

Well, I’m close to being healthy again, but I still have a horrible wheezing cough. So, I went to the University Health Services in the Student Services Building on Thursday. They were super friendly and I left with antibiotics, which will hopefully whisk me back to a healthy immune system! Being sick, even if it’s just having a cough, is really rough in school. Despite having the ability to skip class with more ease in college (in terms of just having to decide to sleep in or shower and head out your dorm room door), it’s also much more difficult in many ways. Most of all because it is so hard to catch up! One class = TONS of material, especially for those that meet only twice a week. My moral to this brief soapbox is to take care of yourself in college; your health is VITAL to your happiness and success! Now, I titled this entry wheezing, which we’ve covered, AND rocking out. Where did I rock out, you ask? Why, at the MUSE concert in San Antonio!!! It was SUPERB. That band. . .I can’t even begin to explain how amazing they are. Their music means a lot to me, and the show was just amazing. My only complaint is that it was SO short!! They only played 45 minutes, because they were opening for My Chemical Romance. Now, I can be a music snob sometimes, so I try to keep myself in check. However, that’s not really my complaint about MUSE opening for My Chemical Romance. I think MCR are alright; they just aren’t really my scene. However, I *do* think it is PROPOSTEROUS that MUSE had to open for them. MUSE has been around forever; they have 5 albums! They’ve headlined the music festival in Reading, toured the globe, and are one of the biggest rock bands in UK. There is NO reason for them to be opening for My Chemical Romance, no matter how much star power MCR currently has. Anyway, that is my mini-rant, and not very much related to UT except to retaliate against my music editor (a My Chemical Romance fan) who wrote a pretty scathing editorial about how MUSE fans needed to check ourselves. I respect what he was trying to say, but I think in the tone of his article, he kinda did exactly what he said he hated: he dissed MUSE fans hardcore and pretty much said that MUSE was a Radiohead ripoff. Anyway, sorry for the music rant, but I had to let it out:) MUSE fans and My Chemical Romance fans alike, feel free to e-mail me! Until next week – it’s homework time!

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