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World of Warcollege

I apologize for my tardiness in posting an update, but I’ve really had no material to work with lately. I like to put pictures with my posts, and I’ve been meaning to talk about the awesome Pre-K class I observe/student teach in for UTeach, but I keep forgetting to take my camera. I’ll do an absurdly cute post regarding that soon, but in the meantime I will reveal to you what I’ve been doing with the time I do not spend studying or doing homework (almost all of my time).

I have been stepping into this questionable green portal with increasing regularity as of late.

About two or three weeks ago I realized that all the time I save by not working was being wasted on boring stuff (hanging out with friends, minesweeper), and that I should do something much more exciting- killing filthy alliance scum. I played world of warcraft quite a bit in high school, but I canceled my account upon arriving at UT because I liked spending time with my friends better. This was all well and good, but I’ve come to realize that they are not available to do things with all the time, indeed not even often, it seems these days. I needed a friend that would never abandon me. I needed world of warcraft. And thus the burning desire to buy the burning crusade (the expansion to world of warcraft) implanted its seed in my mind, and oh how it blossomed and flourished in that nurturing environment. I managed to stave off my desires for several months, but with summer imminent I could not help but to reacquaint myself with my old friend.

My scantily clad, effeminate blood elf paladin, who is also a member of the guild “The Cowboys From Hell”

I started a new character on a server that one of my friends plays on, and I’ve been rocking the forests of Ashenvale ever since. Actually, I’m not quite sure rocking is the most apt of terms per se because I usually listen to the Beatles while I play, and they have a genre all their own. There’s nothing else quite like eviscerating dryads to the tune of “Let it Be.”

The most holy of unions

I have managed to get my friend Grant playing a trial of World of Warcraft, not because I want his company, but because if he turns his trial account into a full account I get a free month of play time. Don’t tell him I said that.

Also, I couldn’t help but to post this:

I knew there was a reason I liked World of Warcraft.
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