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Saying Goodbye.

Hey all,
This is my last post for the Longhorn Confidential this year. The year absolutely flew by! It was a good one, full of growth and learning. I finally made all A’s for this semester (alright!) which will bring my GPA up to an official 3.8 instead of the 3.785 I was stuck at. I met new people, made new friends, and lost some old ones. I think, for this last post, that I’d like to share some important things I’ve learned.
1. Have confidence in yourself. No matter where you decide to continue your academic career, believe that you have made a decision that is good for you, and that no matter what, you will learn from your experiences. Confidence helps in your relationships with other people, and can help you take risks that you wouldn’t take otherwise.
2. Balance your activities. I found my breaking point this year by signing up for literally as much as I could handle. Had I added ONE more activity on, I wouldn’t have made A’s this semester and may have had a breakdown. Even though I managed to take care of all of my business, I still probably bit off more than I could chew. So remember, when you look at ALL of the organizations that you would love to participate in, try to pick one or two that you can put your heart and soul into. If you don’t like one, you’ll have backups:)
3. Take time for friends. This is one that I cannot stress enough. Although you are in school to become a better educated individual, a large part of that education comes from your interaction with others. Make sure that you make time for your friends; otherwise, you could lose them.
4. Don’t be embarassed if you are scared. There have been many situations that were new to me this year, and that frightened me because I wasn’t sure if I’d know what to do or be able to handle myself. So if you feel silly for being frightened of this new step in your life called college, don’t be! Everyone, to some extent, is freaked out by college, so you are NOT alone.
5. Saying goodbye is extremely difficult. Whether it’s just saying goodbye to people you’ve come to love for the summer break, or saying goodbye to people who have taken a different path from you in life, it isn’t an easy thing to do. This is an important time to remember that, especially during college, situations and relationships can change as often as on a week to week basis. There is SO much growth in college that sometimes people can grow apart. Although it can hurt, remember that every relationship is an experience that will help you grow, and will help you learn more about yourself.
6. Finally, remember that you don’t ever have to go anything alone. Between academic advisors, professors, TA’s, your family, your friends from your hometown and your new college friends, you will find people in your life who will be willing to help you out. Again, don’t be embarassed to ask for help. Nobody can do everything, especially not alone.
I hope this is helpful to someone else. Most of all, I believe that people have to experience things (like college) for themselves to come up with their own discoveries. Enjoy the adventure of it all, and feel free to continue contacting me with questions – I’ll be here:)

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