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Here’s To You, McDreamy

Some people say the best part of joining an extracurricular club on campus is the social interaction between members. Others argue that it’s the intellectual fusion of students. A few would even say that the free cookies at meetings would be the highlight in the Math and Science Club for Left Handed Atheist Salsa Dancers club. For me, the best part of a club is something that represents the pure essence of personality, creativity, and awkward giggling. Ladies, and gentlemen, it has to be the T-shirt.

Every club has a unique, though often lame, T-shirt design that becomes the representative icon of the organization. This means a lot to me, partly for that metaphorical character expression, but more often than not, for the twenty dollar investment that is coerced out of my pocket in order to join. Really. If I’m required to pay and wear something at every meeting, it better be giggle-worthy. Don’t even get me started on the horrifyingly dull or otherwise humiliating T-shirts I’ve had to adorn to appease club officers. By the way, I highly recommend that the hot burn-the-retinas-from-my-eyes pink never be chosen for a T-shirt in mass ever again. End rant.

So the Plan II Pre-med society decided to let us propose T-shirt design ideas. My friend and I decided to create a few of our own. Here’s my favorite one…

The Ten Commandments of Plan II Pre-Med:
I. Thou shalt check out a girl with acute angina.
II. Thou shalt not masticate with thy mouth open.
III. Thou shalt not high-five, but rub weeni.
IV. Thou shalt end every sentence with the word “STAT.”
V. When in doubt, thou shalt suggest lupus.
VI. Thou shalt secretly covet the burnt orange scrubs from the UT Co-op.
VII. Thou shalt never slander McDreamy or McSteamy
VIII. Thou shalt always be equipped with an arsenal of hand sanitizer and paranoia.
IX. Thou shalt comfort thy asian neighbor forced into medicine.
X. Thou shalt respect they Dean’s Scholars, College of Natural Sciences, and all…save the Business Majors.
…And Hippocrates saideth to his pupils: “Now useth thy Plan II Degree for a real job. STAT.”

Tell me that’s not epic.

P.S. This week, the snippets have lost all patience:
(on the phone with me)
Barira: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I’ve been worried sick from not hearing from you in the last 18 hours. I even texted you. You KNOW my text messages aren’t free!
Me: One sec- someone’s on the other line-

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