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1/8 of the way through college already…Whaaaat?

As classes finally come to an end, my birthday inches closer, and the weather is (almost) staying somewhat stable, everyone is finally embracing the end of the semester. Well, embracing probably isnt the right wordcause who wants to embrace a big pile of finals? Maybe its better to embrace whats after the finals.

Speaking of finalsits safe to say everyone is on edge because of them. I know that half my classes grades are really dependant on the finals. I did some calculations, and I discovered that if I can make an 82 or above on all my finals Ill have my 4.0. That really came as a huge relief cause Im fairly confident I can pull that off! Albeit I have a whole lotta reading to catch up on for cultural anthropology, a big bag full of Chinese characters to re-memorize, and half a book of calculus to review. Its gonna be a party at the PCL (Perry-Casteneda Library) like youve never seen. :O

I have extremely mixed feelings when I try to describe how this semester was. Naturally it had its ups and downs. I enjoyed meeting new people, getting away from home, wandering around Austin, studying Chinese, and trying new things. On the other hand, I wasnt extremely happy with two of my classes, my sleep schedule was pretty wack, Ive been sick pretty often, and Ive been trying to get over a (now) failed relationship. The break-up has been particularly disappointing. Its frustrating when you think things are working, and you find out that 1) they dont have time for you anymore, and 2) theyre not even emotionally involved. Seems like things get pretty messy at the end of the semester :(

Treating this first semester as a learning experience, I now have fairly high expectations for the next semester. Though I probably sounded pretty depressed just a second ago, Im doing my best to stay in high spirits :) Like I talked about last post, next semesters got a lot in store for me. I recently heard today though that differential equations is supposed to be a killer class thoughwell have to see about that.

The break will be pretty nice too. Dont remember if Ive mentioned it or not, but my family is going back to Marfa, Texas for the third year in a row this Christmas. Its waaaaaay out in the middle of nowhere-land West Texas, close to Big Bend. We like to just relax there and go hiking some in the mountains. Its always really enjoyable. That, along with being able to hang out with the old high school friends again, will be a good way to rest before the busy spring semester. Ill be needing to keep up with my Chinese characters though as usual! Dont wanna be forgetting them over the break!

I suppose it would be appropriate to give some advice, based on my experiences this semester. I think a nice list will do:
1) Take the time to get along with you roommate. Ive been extremely grateful that I get along just fine with mine. Too many people I know are going through a tough time with theirs.
2) Get a good study schedule going.
3) Though its hard to do in large classes, its infinitely rewarding to get to know a professor. My Chinese Literature prof. and I got fairly close, and it really was nice to know that a faculty member has interest in seeing you succeed.
4) Get to know a lot of people. Dont be afraid to just sit with someone random in the dining halls. This was something I wish I had known :(
5) Get involved on campus. Theres a bazillion different clubs and such to do stuff with.
6) If it works with your schedule, join a FIG. Theyre really enjoyable, though sometimes not enough people sign up for them, and they get canceled (which is what happened with me: this is something the university needs to assess. :) ).
7) Dont screw up in your classes at the beginning of the semester. It can come back to haunt you. 8) Unless you’re just awesome at time management, dont get seriously involved your first semester. Give yourself time to settle in first.
9) Though it should be obvious, dont party too much. Those brain cells are valuable ;p
10) Dont do laundry on Sunday
11) Wendys is the anti-bevobuck
12) Justgo to class. Just do it.
13) Stay awaaaay from the fried chicken!
14) If you dont feel well, take advantage of the health services. Theyre fab.
15) Maintain a positive attitude, even when things get stressful!

Current Thought What do I want for my bd/Christmas?

Other Current Thought I was a woman for my final skit in Chineseand I told myself Id never ever dress up in drag!

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