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Pressing the pause button

So here I am, finally back home for the break. At first I was relatively excited to get back to College Station for awhile, but it certainly didnt take long for me to start missing Austin. Its kindof a strange feeling being back at home after having moved away for semester. Sure its the same old room, with the same old cats, and the same old parents, but I cant help but feel a bit different. Perhaps its the transition from school stress to family stress that feels a bit odd.

This isnt to say that being back home is bad! Im enjoying spending time with my family and friends from high school. Its funny how all of my friends who went to A&M havent changed much. I sometimes get the feeling that they wish they could have gotten out like I did ;) There really is a big lifestyle change involved when actually moving away from ones hometown as opposed to staying. It most definitely changes ones perspective on things.

Things are obviously much more calm here opposed to the hectic school semester. Probably the biggest thing I have stressing me right now is what Im going to get my parents for Christmas. Took a trip to the Woodlands with my brother and a friend todayunfortunately the mall there was madness and we didnt end up buying very much. Yikes!

I AM a little unhappy about how my finals went. Ive gotta say; finals week is not a whole lot of fun. My Chinese final went alright (except for a couple translations that tripped me up), and I pulled a pretty solid A in that class. The anthropology final was a different story. The night before the final (I do not recommend using my study strategy!) I was at the PCL studying and I realized I was most definitely going to be there all night. I then decided to not be lonely and sent out a mass-email via blackboard to the whole class asking if anybody wanted to study with me all night. Turns out I get 13 replies, and we end up getting a fairly large study group together for the next 10 hours. Minus taking a Taco Cabana run at 4:30 , we studied pretty much the whole time. 8:30 finally rolled around and we all headed to the UTC for the final, slightly delusional. We all survived that grueling 3 hour written final though, and I pulled a high A! Success! Wish I could say the same thing happened for calculus though*sigh*. I studied for that final, though not quite enough. All I needed was a 70 to get an A for the class..and I got a 67. Never been quite so frustrated, haha. Such is life, though. **UPDATE** He gave me the A! I’m so happy! I looove you!

I had this strange goal of making a 4.0 this semester, and up until the very last final I was going to get that goal, but Ive come to terms with not having perfect grades. Its really quite unreasonable to expect perfect grades out of anyonecollege is so subjective that a 4.0 can really only reasonably be gained out of partial chance. With this in mind, I feel if I can saystay on the deans list, Ill be fine with my grades. Hell, Ive got two really hard majors so I should give myself a break!

I forgot to mention that it was my birthday a few days ago! 19 isnt a terribly exciting birthday thoughand pretty much all I got was a head full of stress, and a big book of calculus to study. I guess I can say now that Im half way to 38? Oh boy.

As a whole my mood as steadily improved, compared to a couple weeks ago. The breakup is more or less water under the bridge at this point, and Im quite excited for Christmas/hiking. Ill also be taking advantage of my free time this break to rot my brain with video games etc. Maybe Ill even readfor ENJOYMENT *gasp*. I think by the end of the break, Ill be refreshed and ready to rock next semester!

Current Thought Magic the Gathering is awesome. Dont you judge me!

Other Current Thought Dont ever try and leave Houston during rush hour. Terrrrrible idea.

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