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Oh snap, it’s the last night before classes already! I finally got back to Austin on Wednesday, and I’ve just been having an absolute blast since then. I was so excited to see everyone again, and I’ve already made some new friends too :) Oh and I rearranged my room too!

I sorta meant to update right after I got back from Marfa, but as you can see that never really happened. So I’ll fill yall in real fast. My parents and I drove to Marfa (which takes about 10 hrs) and stayed for 6 nights. We went hiking the first day in the Davis Mountains to break in the new hiking boots. The next day my Dad came down with the stomach flu (yuck), so my Mom and I bummed around town for that day. The day after that my Dad generously shared his flu with me, so we took that one off too! Between getting sick and all, we still managed to squeeze in two more hikes (one in Santa Elena Canyon and one in Big Bend) plus a visit to the McDonald Observatory (which is actually part of UT Austin campus!), so it was fine. Even though I was sick for a day or two, it was still time to sit around and relax! Here are pictures:

Santa Elena Canyon


Davis Mountains


Chisos Mountains “Window”


Once we were back in College Station I proceeded to be very very bored and twiddled my thumbs (aka: played video games) until last Wednesday, when I drove back to Austin! Unfortunately, I did not get the parking garage change that I requested, so Im still stuck in good ol Brazos garage, making the usual trek from there to Duren.

Since Ive been back Ive been surprisingly busy. Unpacking/cleaning took quite awhile, plus I changed up the room. I made the usual errands to the grocery store/Target to get all the dorm stuffs *yawn*. I had to go to the Co-Op and pay my left arm for books again, as well as a new backpack. The $10 backpack I bought last semester just couldnt make it! I also spent some time exploring parts of the city with some friends, and I finally managed to find some good REAL Chinese food restaurants! Oh and theres also an itty-bitty Chinatown here in Austin if you go way north on Lamar. How exciting :D

Probably the neatest thing Ive done since Ive been back is start my internship job at the Asian American Cultural Center. I think I briefly mentioned this a few posts ago, but basically I am an assistant teacher for a bilingual pre-school class. My first day was Friday, and I just had a fantastic time! The class was 18 kids ages 3-5, which was a whole lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. I hadnt ever really worked with children this young before, but I caught on pretty quick. All the kids were really adorable, and they really get attached quickly. It wasnt half way through my first class that the kids were already crawling all over me! The class itself is a really interesting idea. Basically the teacher does her best to teach about half the class in Chinese. For instance, during snack-time, the kids all had fried rice to eat (haha). If they wanted more though, they had to raise their hand and say qing gei wo chao fan, which just translates into please give me fried rice. It was a multi-racial class, but all the kids spoke Chinese quite well. It was a very cool experience, and Im so excited to be working there every Friday!

I certainly hope my classes go well tomorrow. Its going to be a long day, but I have a good feeling about this semester!

Current Thought I wonder how long my room will stay tidy.

Other Current Thought I got an email from my Chinese teacher todaywe have a big quiz on Tuesday. What?!?!

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