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No Sleep

The title more or less sums up all the time since my last post. I’ve been busy like a bee, with not nearly enough time for sleeping! This is sort of a surprise, as MWF my first class is at 10, and TTh at 11. Considering I was up for an 8 AM class everyday last semester, I thought this would be easy. Too bad all 18hrs of classes are trying to squish me with homework!

Ill just do a little run-down of all my classes thus far:

My Java programming course is basically a repeat of a class I took in high school, so I dont expect it to be a terribly time-consuming (or interesting) class. I mean, the Hello World program really gets boring after youve done it 10 times.

Chinese history I think is going to be a good class. The prof. seems nice/knowledgeable, and I really do want to learn as much about China as I can before I go there! The only daunting thing isChina has been around for a really really long time, so it has a whole lot of history. The class is something like 70-100 pages of reading per week. Ick!

Next would be linear algebra. This class is my introduction to mathematical proofs, which Ill be learning to love from now until I graduate. The prof. is.probably the most interesting one Ive had so far. Ill just leave it at that!

Now for *gag* *cough* *choke* DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS! Ive heard nothing but horror stories about this class, and frankly it seems like its going to live up to its reputation. I was definitely on the phone with my dad for a whole hour (he teaches graduate calculus at A&M) asking for help on the first assignment. Oh woe is me.

Saving the best for last, second semester Chinese is turning out to be just as awesome as the first semester! I really like Prof. Ren, even though she is fairly new. The workload is just as tough, if not harder. Were expected to know every character from last semester (which totals about 550 different characters) plus were learning more characters at a faster rate this semester. Its obviously a ton of work, but I always love studying for this class! Ive really noticed a lot of improvement with my reading/writing/speaking, which is encouraging. 我愛學習普通話!

Now that Im not wasting all my time with silly relationships, my social life has been infinitely better this semester. I made a ton of friends on my floor, and Ive been having more fun than Ive had in a long time. Unfortunately, time management is still most definitely an issue, which is partially why Ive stayed up the past two nights until 5 AM finishing homework. Itll be tough, but I think this is going to be a great semester!

Ive gone out and explored Austin a bit more already. My floorpeople and I went out Friday night downtown which was most definitely eventful. 4th, 5th, and 6th street are quite lively, even at 3 AM! I want to try and check out some of the music venues more. Too bad tickets can be really expensive sometimes :( In addition to just fun stuff, Ive spent a lot of time driving around north campus/Hyde Park in a seemingly vain attempt to find a good place to live next year. Who knew that living arrangements could be so stressful? I think Duren has spoiled me, so Im just picky now.

Current Thought Ive gotten 7 hours of sleep in the past 2 days. Sleepy time!

Other Current Though The people from the QSA still havent said anything about when that internship is supposed to beginmaybe they forgot?

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