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Read, Test, Quiz

Thats what this semester has brought thus far. I need to find some time to work out; not that I dont have enough weight on my shoulders as it is. Chinese is beginning to look a little hectic. A test, a quiz, a bunch of memorization, and homework all in one week (and thats no exaggeration). Believe it or not, I can actually have a coherent elementary conversation after two weeks of practice.

Easy Sailing

I cant complain too much, though. My other classes have been relatively easy-going. My professors are great, and the workload has been manageable. I usually begin the semester falling behind somewhere, only to try and play catch up right before midterms. My two government courses are absolutely amazing I just love going to class when I can drag myself out of bed.

I have deemed this my Asian studies semester, seeing as all my classes have something to do with the region. Ive come to contemplate how I will actually utilize the skills Ive been building, but Im sure Ill found a way. Last semester, about this time, I was pulling my hair out trying to balance calculus and Chinese. This year Im hitting the ground running. I even scored a 96.5 on my first of 14 tests. Thats right, I said 14! Not to worry, I think the added pressure will be beneficial. I can actually remember a time when I loved stress. Those days of correlating pressure with production are long gone. College sure does put a great burden on everything you touch.

I Know She Still Loves Me, but I Dont Think She Likes Me Anymore

Things with my now ex-girlfriend have gotten better, but I cant say Im completely happy with or without her. How time changes us all. We first began to date in 7th grade, to put it into perspective. Yes, two 13-year-old kids fell in love and somehow always found their way back to each other. A beautifully unscripted story, I think. This time Im the only one looking back.

I was selfish, I didnt pay enough attention to her, I was ungratefulthe list goes on.

Not to say she didnt have her faults, but I just lost my way and before I could recover she found hers. She has sprinted off in an entirely new direction, far from me. Theres no way to get her back, and I, along with time, have changed her. She doesnt have the same laughter around me. I cant make her smile the way others can, and to put it brusquely: I just dont have the same ol touch. To say the least, it hurts like heck but everyday I get a little stronger. What hurt the most was coming to grips with all my faults. But as hers begin to crawl out from behind their shadows I stumble back into my senses. The blur becomes clearer, and I slowly begin to understand her motives and find my thoughts. It was hard to even talk to myself, because I once thought that even I didnt have the answers. I used to think it was just me, but now I see that just isn’t true.

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