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Black Don’t Bruise

So here is a piece I won a a talent show with. I wrote it because I knew a friend who was going through this situation that they are no longer a part of. Hope you enjoy.

They say black dont bruise
But please tell that to the woman whose skin is black and blue
From the punches that she receives from her boyfriend
Next of kin
Or husband
And I already know what youre going to say
Why does she continue to stay
When the abuse happens everyday
She must think that this is ok
Well did you ever stop to think that she was in love
In love with the man he was
And not the man that he became
Because in most abusive relationships
The way the men act in the beginning and the end arent the same.
Or maybe
She stayed because she felt alone
Alone in a world where we blame the woman for the things the men did wrong
Even in situations that we may not condone
Or maybe
She was scared
Scared because her abusive partner
Made threats to kill her mother, father, siblings, kids,
Or anyone else for whom she cared
She probably
Stayed for kids
Because she knew that she didnt have the resources
To raise her kids alone
So she did what she needed to do
And stayed in an abusive home
But in the end we continue to judge her
When she just wanted
Someone to love her
Or hug her
But what she got was someone that beat her
Like she was a brother
When in the end
She wanted someone to treat her like she was no other
Instead of the wife that has to hide her pain undercover
And she always has plans to walk away
But he comes back with those tired excuses
And says hes going to change one day
But he doesnt
He continually
Walks around acting like hes gods gift to every woman on earth
Raising his sons to be abusive from birth
Keeping up with his
I treat my woman right faade
While his wife sits at home and cries
No longer feeling alive
And just wishing that she would die
So I apologize
To every woman whose ever been hit by the hands of an abusive man type man
I apologize
I apologize on behalf of all of those, Im not good enough for you
So to make up for that I beat you to make you feel less than me man type man
For all those I cant deal with my insecurities
So I hit my woman to feel more powerful man type man
For those I cant deal with my problems
So I punch you to make me feel less messed up man type man
Or Imma beat you in front of my friends
To try to prove my manhood man type man
I apologize
To all the woman that I know
Who have been with the same man type man
I apologize
For all the tired excuses and lies
That those wanna be
Tryin to be
Aint gotta clue how to be men use
Because they the same people
That think that black dont bruise.

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