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Diary of A Pre-Med: Valentine’s Day

If there’s any truly annoying part of the pre-med track- besides the flaming hoops of expectation- it has to be the timesucks that can potentially RUIN the life of any hopeless romantic. With this year’s Valentine’s Day taking place the day in the middle of bad workload, I found myself having to… compromise any Notebookesque plans for the evening. Here’s to all you hopeless romantics with academic goals that leave your planner with less holes than Stevie Wonder’s dartboard.

Monday: I let the boyfriend know that Thursday would be a horrible day for any special plans because I had a test, lab report, and paper due the next day. The boyfriend agrees to postpone celebrations to Friday.

Wednesday: The boyfriend lets me know he’s on his way to the mall for some errands. I ask to tag along as well. The first store in sight was Hallmark… of course.
Me: Wait- We can’t BOTH shop for cards for eachother at the SAME TIME.
The boyfriend: Do you really care? …Good. Let’s go get cards.
Me: Well at least DON’T WATCH ME.

It was the most hilarious card shopping experience I’ve ever had. Trust me- it’s pretty funny trying to buy a card for somebody standing right next to you. Luckily, the men desperately scrambling for cards next to us distracted the boyfriend long enough for me to snag the perfect card, unwatched.

Wednesday Night: The boyfriend and I are at his apartment.
The boyfriend: Are we going to go ahead and exchange cards and stuff tonight, since you’re busy tomorrow?
Me: I haven’t had time to write anything in the card, though!
The boyfriend: Well neither have I. Write yours now.
Me: But you’re right here!
The boyfriend: I’m leaving the room, then.
(ten minutes later)
The boyfriend (from the other room): You done yet?
The boyfriend: What’s taking so long? I finished ten minutes ago!
Me: I’m a girl- I have a lot to say!

Thursday: I do my lab, write my paper, and study. I also decide that there’s no hope for a romantic holiday with this weeks’ setup.

Friday evening: The boyfriend picks me up, wearing a dress shirt and tie, and takes me out to a wonderful dinner at Benihana’s- BEST RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE EVER. Not only was the food absolutely amazing, the live food show, complete with a heart-shaped flame and knife tricks, was fantastic. After dinner, we ran into the Cheesecake Factory where the boyfriend treats me to Godiva and Snickers cheesecake. And then, because the rain intervered with his initial plans for a campout-stargazing evening, we found the next best thing: a trip to Blockbuster’s and an night in to watch a chick flick of my choice.
Maybe there’s hope for the pre-med hopeless romantic after all.

P.S. This week, the snippets have no tact.
Me: At a piano recital at an alzheimer’s center (for a charity benefit), I played “Unforgettable.” Ironic, don’t you think?
David: See… stuff like THAT makes you awesome.

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