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Its Me Again

Listen, Ive had the best of intentions for the past few weeks, but just havent set time aside. To make things worse, I forgot my password and login information for the blogging system. Turns out its been about 3 weeks, but I have plenty to say.

Obama, the Main Man

As half the country, including three-fourths of Texas, knows, our rock-star democratic candidates came to Austin for a little one-on-one martial arts action. And guess what! I was able to see Barack Obama load into his SUV and give a fist pump as he was driven away. It was, without a doubt, the most exciting experience for me in this race.

I attended the rally behind the Rec Center with a couple-hundred other people. The camps were pretty much split between Obama and Clinton supporters, with a few Ron Paul fanatics wandering about.

When I turned 18 I wasnt excited about buying a rifle, cigarettes, or getting into clubs well maybe a rifle. What I was most excited about was getting a chance to vote. This time its different. Its not just that Im excited, but I have, without a doubt in my mind, chosen a candidate that I feel is best suited, best prepared, and ready to lead this great country to where it belongs where our founding fathers set its course.

Hillary Clinton is a great woman who has experienced a lot in the shadow of a her husband, and has stood by him through thick and thin. I do believe that she would make a great president and leader. I believe that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton share many policy beliefs, and that is why we must debate their differences. BUT, there are indeed differences.

I will not get into the policy issues for this blog, but I will be happy to respond to any inquiries. We have a tough job ahead: universal health care, the social security crisis, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Medicare/Medicaid, terrorism, global warming, the economy, and the list goes on. We must choose a president who will represent our best interests. We need someone who is willing, ready, and able to unite our country and build a bridge to the rest of the world.

Barack Obama is unequivocally the best candidate for the position of President of the United States. He is the right candidate not only for his eloquence, his popularity, his new arrival to the political scene, or in his powerfully moving words. Barack Obama is all that and more. He has shown the correct judgment in decisions on the international sphere and has established that he will be an able commander-in-chief. His policies on the above-mentioned are practical and less-dividing. He has instilled hope into this country and to this state. I drove 3 hours this past weekend to cast my vote for Barack Obama.

The Days Go By So Quickly

Spring Break here we come! In a little over a week well be calling it quits and taking a brief intermission from the stressful ways of school. Chinese can finally take a backseat to something more relaxing, everything!

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