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Quarter semester in, but there’s something missing

I should be studying for my Astronomy exam tomorrow, but it’s such a beautiful night that I couldn’t resist opening my window and just looking up at the smoggy stars. That’s when it hit me.

Every semester since I’ve come to UT, I’ve had a very difficult time with this time: exams time. I had two exams last week in French and Weather and Climate. I must admit that my performance in French is dismal to my private expectations, but as long as I take more out of it than I’d hoped, it’ll all be worth it. Weather class rocks, and I love it.

But something is missing. It’s like that weird feeling you get when you leave home for vacation and you’re going over a list of things you had to be done before you left, and you’re on the plane hoping, wishing, and recounting the things. “Yes, everything was done. But what did I forget?” OMG Kevin! (This is a reference to Home Alone, a movie I grew up with and a scene that seemed appropriate for this occasion as it emphasizes that the little something you forgot is actually something of utter importance).

  1. I have over 12 hours so I’m full time.
  2. I picked up that indie cd from the Audio Visual Library.
  3. I checked the ACL website to see who will headline
    this year (no news yet…)
  4. I’ve already seen Across the Universe today.
  5. I ate. (Very often overlooked)
  6. I read for my classes.
  7. I’m studying for Astronomy.

What am I missing?
Financial aid? Not due yet. Housing? Done. France? Working through the paperwork.

Man my fingers hurt. I’ve lost practice typing on my laptop.

Oh dear.

What’s my major again?

English? What am I going to do with that?

Write? Huh? I don’t have any writing classes this semester.

There it is!

My classes this semester do not contain a Substancial Writing Component (SWC). This is why I feel out of place. What will I do? What will i DO?! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!?

For now, I’ll read, but I fear that this will prove to be an Achille’s heel for my writing ability in the near future. Fortunately, the poetry keeps flowing… for now.

By the way:

Song of the week: “You Can’t Stop the Beat” by the cast of Hairspray (the new movie, not the theatrical performance or that hideous Rikki Lake film)

Movie YOU must see: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Book of the week: Paradise Lost it’s a goodie.

Until next time,

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