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Happy late Lunar New Year! Chinese New Year was actually yesterday, but I suppose Im still feeling a bit festive.

I was surprised how much was going on around campus on the Chinese New Year. A few of my buddies and I decided to go to the Union Ballroom where the Asian American Cultural Association was holding their Lunar New Year celebration. Besides the obvious benefit of getting free food, there were dances, martial arts, games, and prizes. Im not gonna lie, it turned out to be a lot more enjoyable than I had thought it would be! I prolly should have taken pictures though.this blog is relatively devoid of pictures.

Outside of New Year celebrations, life has been steady, but very busy. Since I made the mistake of taking two math courses this semester, Ive been absolutely swamped with homework (my last linear algebra assignment took me an upwards of 5 hours to complete), not to mention Im falling a bit behind in all of the other classes. I havent had nearly enough time to learn all the characters I need to for Chinese, and Im behind on my reading for Intro to China (and unfortunately I have a midterm in there on Monday, yuck!). Im pretty worried about how my grades may turn out this semester. Ill be ok with one B, but if I end up doing worse Ill be pretty disappointed. Cant let myself get behind! :)

As far as my personal life goes, Ive been a whole lot happier. Im generally in a good mood when Im staying busy. Sure I may be stressed, but at least I have a sense of purpose/responsibility when Im involved in so many things. Aside from the 18 hours Im taking, the kids are keeping me good and tired on Fridays, and finally this week the internship with the QSA (Queer Students Alliance) started, so Ill be even busier now. Its amazing I find time to sleep!

One stressful thing Ive been dealing with lately is what Im going to do for housing next year. Originally and for the longest time I was set on getting an apartment/condo for next year, and just living with one or more friends. As it got closer and closer to the end of last semester, and nothing was still set, I started to worry. Ive ended up going through something like six or seven potential roommates since then. When it comes to apartments/condos, I cant stress enough how important it is to lease early. All of the good locations, and good deals get taken up early, and if you wait until this time to find housing, youre going to be paying an upwards of 800/mo. for a good place. So, once I realized I didnt want to spend that much money on a place I wasnt even that fond of, I decided looking for other options! Of course, it was already too late to apply to be an RA (I wish I had done thata bunch of my friends are going to be RAs next year), and it was even too late to apply to live anywhere on campus for next year. I wasnt entirely sure what I was going to do until one of my friends in linear algebra mentioned she was living in a co-op. Student co-op housing is an interesting alternative. Basically, a bunch of people live in the same house and/or complex (numbers can range from 15 to 150), and all house duties/chores are shared by the inhabitants. For instance, each person may pay something like $500/mo, which includes everything (even food), and be required to clean for 2-3 hours every week. Not so bad eh? Other duties include cooking etc. So, with this in mind, I decided to look into living in an ICC (Inter-Cooperative Council) Co-op. These are about 20 people per house, and each house has their own unique personality. Im still in the process of deciding which one I want, but Ill update as soon as I decide! It should be quite an interesting experience :)

Alright, well I suppose thats it for now. I really should post more often, but sometimes I dont feel like my life is really blog-worthy, haha. Ill try to a) do more exciting things or b) take more exciting pictures from now on! A little feedback now and then wouldnt hurt either ;)

Current Thought Living in downtown Austin is exorbitantly expensive.

Other Current Though I got a Nintendo DS! Yesssssssss

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