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Update on life!

Ho hummsorry for being somewhat MIA lately. Things have been pretty steadily busy as of late, and stress was at its peak last week. Luckily its only two weeks until spring break!

I more or less just got finished with the first round of midterms that Im sure every other student here is complaining about. My last test in programming is on Wednesday, and Im not terribly worried about it. I did so perfectly average on my two math examslinear algebra and differential equations. Im a biiiiit disappointed, but Ill just have to try harder next time. Im seriously doubting any possibility of really keeping my 4.0 this semester, which is perfectly fine. If I get one B Ill be happy, but who knows if I can even pull that off!

Putting classes aside, life has been quite interesting! As most of you have probably heard, Hillary and Barack both came to campus for that historic debate. It was really one of the neatest experiences of my whole life to be here when they came. Despite not being able to see them live (only 100 tickets were given out randomly to students), it was fun to be here during all of the hype. There were innumerable news cars outside of the rec where the debate took place. I myself attended a stupid-only watching party in the Texas Union. They only let in the first 1000 people, so roughly 600 people got turned away. It was memorable watching the debate with the really energetic and lively crowd! It was amusing to see all of the students go wild every time something related to UT came on the screen. UT students always jump at any opportunity to show how spirited they are :)

Its not even half way through the semester and Ive already had to start thinking about what Im going to take next semester! Im seriously considering staying in Austin during the summer and taking some classes. If I want to have any chance of graduating in four years, I more or less have to take at least one summer school session. Im not too worried thoughId much rather be doing homework here than sitting around College Station being bored to tears. Maybe I could even get a job too! I think Im going to take two math courses (probability, complex variables, or scientific computation in numerical analysis), symbolic logic, second year Chinese, and something else. Dunno what the last class will be yet. Its stressful thinking about next years classes this early!

Lately Ive been contemplating what I really want to do after undergrad (I know its early to think about such things.but I like to plan ahead). People always ask me jokingly What are you going to do with your majors? Teach math in China? Haaaaa. I generally pretend to be amused, but I actually do worry sometimes what the hell Im gonna end up doing. I think I will most likely end up in grad school, but Im not even sure what I would go into. Part of me wants to go into academia, part of me wants to go work for the government, part of me wants to go into business, and another part wants to go disappear on some mountain in China! I guess Ill just have to wait and see what calls to me :)

Alright, well thats pretty much it for now. I realize this wasnt the most terribly exciting of postsI sometimes have a hard time making my life sound interesting (while keeping it PG rated, ha). I need to find some more motivation to actually keep pictures of my escapades.

Current Thought My roommate is making me watch Moulin Rougeand Im not really that interested. Im such a bad gay man sometimes.

Other Current Thought My math homework is getting in the way of my Chinese studiesso annoying!

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