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Dorm Life: What They Don’t Say in the Manuals

I am not one to speak ill of institutions here at UT. However, my job as a blogger is to give the outside world a view of what life is like through the eyes of a student.

Last week, we had Spring Break. I work at The Office of Admissions so it’s the busiest week of the year since most students like to visit colleges during that time. So I worked the first half of Spring Break.

So knowing that I could be eating delicious homemade Mexican food, I grew desperate and decided to make food here in the dorm (Most dorms on campus have a functional kitchen within the premises of the dorm).

I went to HEB, bought some tortillas, rice, beans, the whole deal. I knew it; I was going to make enchiladas.

I invited some friends over, most of whom had to work as well. I proudly went to the front desk and asked for the key to the kitchen and the pots and pans that come with it. I started cooking and everything seemed to be going well.

I put the first tortilla on the skillet and it clearly did not like it very well so smoke began to erupt from the skillet. The rice slowly drifted from sight as he room filled with the clear smoke caused by the tortilla touching the skillet. I quickly remove the skillet from the stove and cover it so as to prevent a fire or more smoke from appearing which is protocol for cooking (I was going to be a chef, remember?).

As I look back, the room is filled with smoke. The alarm goes off.

5 minutes- 1 firetruck, 3 UTPD vehicles later, an officer lets me know that I burned a tortilla.

35 minutes later- with all of the evacuated residents outside poking fun at my expense or giving me more stares than humanly possible, we are told to wait at an adjacent dorm as the “unsmoking” process would take longer than planned.

* * * * *

On Monday, I came back to school with a proud sense of accomplishment in having so much well deserved rest.

I check my email and find that the Hall Coordinator sent me an NOTICE FOR DISCIPLINARY HEARING. Of course this sounds much more threatening than it is, but still, a disciplinary hearing? For a burnt tortilla? No!


Unfortunately for me, it has not gotten better. I’m going to have to miss work tomorrow because hearings can only be rescheduled for class, and not for work.

I am so thankful for being employed by the university and by some off-campus entity otherwise my employment may have been jeopardized because of “Dormitory Protocol.”

Other things I don’t like about Dorm Life:

  • Quiet hours during finals. Please study in the library, this is my only sanctuary of volume.

Other than that, there are no more complaints on dorm life.

  • You get to meet tons of people.
    Most residents are nice and friendly.
    You live right on campus.
    You get a meal plan.
    You don’t need to worry about paying utilities.

Overall, I love UT. It keeps me on my toes.

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