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Dirty Laundry…

Okay, so if you’re like me, you don’t particularly look forward to doing laundry. I mean for heaven’s sake you gather all your dirty clothes and parade down the hall.

Then you bend down, pile them dirty clothes in the washer (whites-hot/colors-warm, wait… is that right?), put the money in, pour the detergent. And then surprisingly the washer talks to you. And what does it say?… “IN USE” (mock mock mock) And you think to yourself, YOU LIIIIIE!!!!! But neither the screaming in the head nor the multiple card swipes does anything. (Of course everyone else wonders if they should have told you, or if they should feel guilty for not warning you.) The detergent is now gone forever. Where this detergent goes I have no idea, but I have given the magical fairy land of “IN USE” washers a LOT of detergent.

The saga continues…
You find a washer that is not in use and you walk away, returning 30 min. later only to discover that you didn’t quite push the START button hard enough. GREAT.

Finally, another 30 min. later you arrive to find (to your horror) your clothes in a soggy mountain heap ABOVE the washer on display to the world. Do you claim it? There is no choice, you must. You begin to imagine the creepy person who must have rummaged through every piece of clothing. If there is anyone there you avoid eye contact, for their sake and yours. You scrutinize the pile, is it piled as if the person quickly took it out, or did … ANYWAY, hopefully it wasn’t your unmentionable load.

After you shamefully shovel your exposed clothes into the dryer, things start to look good. Dryers are fun, they are friendly and happy. You just stick the clothes in, toss in some fabulous fabric softener, and they spin, spin, spin, everything coming out warm and fuzzy.

Tip No. 1
Swipe your card before you put the detergent in to see if the washer is “IN USE.” Forget the little melted, faded, peeled off directions/procedures. They do not know of these secrets I speak of.

Tip No. 2
If you don’t want your clothes touched by fingers other than your own or stolen, don’t leave your clothes. Take example from the guy I saw the other day enjoying his favorite Bronte novel Jane Eyre while keeping close watch on his clothes. In Duren we are spoiled, we have a work out room with windows looking into the laundry room. Not that I use that as motivation to actually work out. I have not yet found motivation for that yet, I’ll let you know if/when I ever do. We also have a bunch of tvs and a foosball table. yay

Tip No. 3
Take change in case your bevo bucks don’t work… because you spent them all on JCL, Wendy’s, or Chipotle, or all three.

Tip No. 4
You can also use your pillow case to carry clothes.

Tip No. 5 (actually three in one)
Make sure you have time to do your laundry. Check dryer availability before washing. DON’T LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES THERE FOREVER!

Tip. No 6
Give people at least a 5-10 min. grace period before taking out their clothes. And if you have the courage to do it. DO IT FAST! lightning arms

I wonder if guys are more likely than girls to take out someone’s clothes. I think it may also depend on the gender of the clothes. But it must be embarrassing getting caught either way.

Happy Laundering!!!… I mean Laundrying

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