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Times a Tickin

Ive had so many good posts prepared for you guys, but I just never get around to finishing them. They all turn out to be a bunch of half-baked ideas. Im sure most of you guys dont mind, but the critics might want a well drawn out post. Ill stick to the general consensus on this one, and ramble on both the extraneous and the related. Come to think of it, I seem to write the same way I think!…By the way, my light bill was $24 this month! Hip, hip, hooray! Now to find a way to turn this darn refrigerator offhmm.

Its down to the nitty gritty. Finals, papers, summer school, rent, and the like are all around the corner. How time flies! Ive been really fortunate to have the opportunity to blog for you all. I want to make these last few weeks as a blogger special ones. Ill try my best to give you all a couple posts a week from now on. So join me in my journey.

Life as a Bachelor

Ive been living alone for the past month and half now, and lifes better than I expected. When you dont have a car and are forced to fend for yourself, you come to feel a lot more independent. Ive been cooking and cleaning, and cleaning and cooking. Thats right, heart attack heaven is on its way. Ive made breakfast for myself for the past week. Believe it or not, Im not really even eating cereal or noodles.

Eggs, bacon, ham, toast, and a side of orange juice are on the menu. I guess you could call me a real Emeril Lagassse, if you know what I mean. I usually stick to the basics, like frying frozen foods or seasoning and grilling hamburgers. But you have to give me credit considering I just learned how to flip a sunny-side egg last weekend. My milk and cold-cuts have just expired so it goes to show Im not simply throwing sandwiches and Lucky Charms togetherI think I buy myself a cookbook.

学院 (college)

My classes are going fairly well. I am doing a lot better in Chinese. As a matter of fact, Ive begun, unintentionally, to think of English words in their Chinese meaning. Its kind of strange to want to reword sentences in order to understand their Chinese structure. Whats worse is that I fear this course may actually inhibit my English skills. The Chinese language structure is so basic that I sometimes want to use it to speak English.

My government courses are absolutely amazing. Im taking Politics in Japan and Japanese Foreign Policy, both with the same professor. For anyone interested, I highly recommend these. The readings for the class are moderate, the professor is a great lecturer, and the information is up-to-date and pertinent. I have two research papers due for this course in the upcoming weeks. One deals with Japanese-Korean diplomacy with relation to the Japanese atrocities during the Japanese occupation, and the other with Japanese consumerism. Which leads me to a point I’ll hold for next time.

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