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Have You Done Your Homework Yet?

One of the most common speculations about colleges is that the assignments are nothing like what you did in high school. No more book reports, no more vocabulary worksheets, no more posters graded based on the amount of glitter used for the title… Is it really true? Are those glory days of easy A’s over? Yes. But no fear, readers! Every now and then, UT professors do chunk a high and mighty deuce towards high schools with some truly left-of-center assignments. Here are just a few of them this year:

-I wrote up my own episode of Family Guy with a UT based theme under the guise of “originality in the arts and sciences.” How well it went over is my little secret.

-My friend’s taking a class on creative design (not what you’re thinking). His last proposal for an invention to patent: A rubix cube for the blind.

-For my politics class, I was told to watch The Godfather over spring break.

-Another friend’s spring break assignment: “DO SOMETHING LITERATE.”

-Calculus homework last semester: “I want you to go home and picture the path of a flying bubblebee… in the fourth demension.”

-In order to be exempt from every reading quiz for the whole year in this class, I memorized and recited the entire Declaration of Independence in front of my professor. And he didn’t think anybody could do it… pfft…

-For an extra credit assignment in biology, I was told to write an imaginary bill concerning disclosure of genetic information. That one was actually pretty cool.

P.S. This week, the snippets step in a big puddle of political AWKWARD:
Student #1: You know, Clinton was a great president, despite the scandal-
Student #2: Yeah, I totally agree. And I mean, he wasn’t the first guy to do it with a secretary. Plus, Monica was a-
Prof: Ok, guys. Let’s get out of Monica. …Oh my. I didn’t mean-
Student #3: HAHAHAHA

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