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Breaks go by too quickly

Once again I am neglecting to update on my decreasingly interesting life! My apologizes, but frankly I think all the bloggers are running outta steam. Not to worry though! Ive still got a few interesting stories to tell :P

Well, since last post a number of things have happened (obviously). Spring break just ended for us, which was quite sad. I only went back to College Station for a couple days before I was dying of boredom, so I decided to take a trip to Houston to visit Jen and Crystal. Crystals parents were nice enough to let me stay for a night (and feed me as well!), so it was a really fun time. Driving in Houston is just a nightmare though :x While there, we met up with some other friends from UT, and all went out for lunch. Heres the evidence:

On Wednesday I left from Houston to go straight back to Austin. Bit of a longer drive than from College Station to Austin, but I survived it. I spent most of the break goofing around, playing video games (Super Smash Bros. Brawl!), laser-tag, partying etc. etc. A friends 21st birthday was that Friday, which got pretty interesting. Thats a story for another time I suppose :P

Ive had a teensy bit of boydrama the past few weeks. I suppose I had this thing with this one person for about three weeks, which went off and on, but I eventually ended it. Guess Im just not ready for another relationship yet! Hah! Theyre overrated anyway ;)

I mentioned in the previous post about all sorts of political things that have been going on around campus lately. Before the primary here, I was fortunate enough to go see Bill Clinton speak at the South Mall. Hes really a fantastic speaker still! He was late to arrive, as all politicians are, but when he got there everyone went wild. It was really a neat experience. Too bad I never got to go see Obama :(

Classes are going relatively well. I dont think Im going to be able to pull an A in differential equations, unfortunately. An A in Linear Algebra is going to take a lot of work as well, and is definitely not guaranteed. The three other classes are going well though, which Im thankful for. Im not entirely sure how, but on the first test in Chinese history I got the top grade, and I got the second highest grade on the second test, despite me not studying for that one as well as I should have. Guess I shouldnt complain though. Finals are going to be a nightmareIm fairly certain I have five finals! Eek!

I recently made the executive decision to stay in Austin this summer. Its kindof strange though, because I realized that I may never move back home in College Station ever again. Its an odd reality. On the other hand, Im excited about the summer! Im applying to get a job at the library or something, and Ill prolly just take one class per summer school session. Ill be living at the Helios co-op this summer and next year, so Im excited about that too! I fully anticipate an eventful summer break.

I think I just about covered all recent developments in my life Things are going well with the internships, and really theres only about 7 weeks of school left before finals. Im a little bummed that UT does not get Good Friday off, but oh well! Anyway, time to stay up all night doing differential equations homework (for like the 4th time this semester).

Current Thought Ive been playing more video games lately. Trauma Center for Wii/DS is amazing!

Other Current Thought Im making an effort to give up soda. Think I can do it?

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